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An Interview With Jake Gitter

Photo From: Jake Gitter

An Introduction

From the southland of New Orleans to the Rocky Mountains of Colorado to the historic beauty of South Carolina, star baseball player Jake Gitter has been on quite a journey thus far. 

Being from Louisiana, Gitter is a native of the colorful city of New Orleans. It wasn’t until high school when Gitter fell in love with baseball, America’s pastime. When college time came around, Gitter made the move to the mountainous state of Colorado where he would spend the next few years at the University of Northern Colorado(UNC).  

While at UNC, Gitter sure made some noise out on the diamond. From having his first colligate hit against Metro State to hitting his first colligate home run against the University of Washington to overcoming a trying season due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Gitter has had one successful baseball career thus far.

Not only does Gitter love baseball, but he also loves spending time with his friends, working out, and anything that involves competition. He had said that ‘’I love to laugh and have a good time with anything I do but ultimately rely on the idea of hard work for anything I want in life.’’

I had the pleasure to interview Jake Gitter and get a little glimpse into his life. 

Photo From: uncbears.com

The Interview

Q- How did you fall in love with the game of baseball?

A- ‘’I honestly did not fall in love with the game of baseball until I hit high school. I played many different sports growing up and began to enjoy the process and training aspect of baseball the most. I saw a lot of progression when I started focussing on baseball which then made me want to work harder and ended up enjoying it more.’’

Q- What is your favorite memory playing baseball?

A- ‘’My favorite memory was winning the summer ball championship for the Macon Bacon in 2020 during the pandemic. I was fortunate to have great teammates and people around me that made the summer the most fun!’’

Q- Which baseball player do you look up to the most and why?

A- ‘’I wouldn’t say I could pinpoint a single role model on the field but take a lot of different player’s attributes that I admire. Such as Mike Trout’s head down and work attitude and Adrian Beltre’s ability to play the game with a smile and being loose.’’

Q- How do you mentally prepare for a game?

A- ‘’I try to watch as much video on the potential opposing pitchers if available and just relax. Hanging out with my friends and playing video games are other ways I like to calm down.’’

Q- Do you have any pre game rituals?

A- ‘’Sadly, I do not have any pre game rituals other than double checking that my socks are on the right feet!’’

Q- What is your favorite activity outside of baseball?

A- ‘’I love to get in the gym everyday as well as golf and go scuba diving when I am on vacation.’’

Q- Who is your personal role model and why?

A- ‘’My dad would be my role model as he is just a lot like me and we see things the same way on top of being very successful and a good person.’’

Q- Who is your favorite MLB team and why?

A- ‘’Miami Marlins, I chose to be their fan when I was young and have just stuck with them my whole life.’’

Q- What is your favorite game day music?

A- ‘’My game day music is pretty much a compilation of songs from every different genre. All the way from Latin music to country!’’

With Gitter dominating out on the diamond, he is also excelling in the classroom. Gitter recently graduated from UNC with a degree in biomedical sciences/premed. 

This past April, Gitter announced on social media that he is transferring to Coastal Carolina to continue not only his baseball career but his education too. 

I wish you the best of luck in your future baseball career and endeavors. May you stay safe out on the diamond. Good Luck in South Carolina. 

Jake’s Favorite Quote!

“The cream always rises.”

Social Media

You can follow Jake on Instagram @jakegitter and Twitter @jakegitter.

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*This interview was conducted via email!

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