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The Dream Fantasy Team

If you could pick whoever you wanted in every position for your fantasy team, who would it be? I’m about to run through mine and the reasons why. Some are obvious picks but there are one or two to keep an eye out for! I’m going off a league with 1 x QB, 2 x RB, 2 x WR, 1 x TE, 1 x K and 1 x D/ST.

QB: Josh Allen

Coming off an incredible season I’m going with Josh Allen as my QB. I had his back from the off last season and boy did he improve from his previous season. In 2019 Allen threw just over 3,000 yards. Last season he threw a very respectable 4,544. His TD to INT ratio was also one of the best in the league, with 37 TD’s and 10 INT’s. The sky is the limit for Josh this season and I’d hate for him to not be on my team.

RB 1: Christian McCaffrey

Easiest pick of the lot, numero uno. McCaffrey may have been injured for 13 of the games last season but he is the number 1 fantasy player to have. McCaffrey averaged 30.13 points over the 3 games he played, putting him comfortably ahead of every player, at every position. He’s just a must, if you’re number 1 in your draft and don’t pick him you deserve to lose.

RB 2: Dalvin Cook

The second RB however is a lot closer to choose. I went with Cook over the rest of them down to his elusiveness out the back field. Cook was the second highest point scorer behind Kamara last season and personally, can see Cook coming comfortably second next season. Back to back 1,000+ yard rushing seasons and over 40 receptions, which in a PPR league is 40 points before the yards and TD’s are added.

The Vikings Would Be Stupid to Give Dalvin Cook Anything Near What He's  Asking - MinnesotaSportsFan.com
Credit: Jeff Wheeler/Star Tribune

WR 1: Devante Adams

This man singlehandedly won me my fantasy league final last season getting 43.20, yes, 43.20 points in the final weekend when it mattered the most. He’s straight into the fantasy hall of fame from that performance alone, and that’s before mentioning he scored the most out of all receivers. Adams will be the first receiver off the board, in the first round no doubt and it’s more of a question of when, not if.  

WR 2: Tyreek Hill

Hill is a fantasy cheetah code (I’ll see myself out). One of the reasons I went for Allen over Mahomes is this and the next pick. Hill can be having a bad game then all of a sudden he scores a 70 yard TD and all is forgiven. Tyreek also picked up over 100 rushing yards and 2 TD’s. This pick was close between Hill and Hopkins but after losing in the Super Bowl, the Chiefs and Hill could well be out for blood this coming season.

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TE: Travis Kelce

Is this the last year Kelce is the clear number one TE? Probably not. With Pitts being in the league, a lot of people may double guess themselves when thinking about taking Kelce early. Is Kelce worth a first or second round pick? Not in my opinion but if I could choose one TE it would be him every day of the week and twice on Sundays, this is why he’s in this team. Kelce had an unreal 2020 season, getting the second most receiving yards in the league.

Travis Kelce turned in the best performance of his career versus Texans
Credit: Tom Pennington/Getty Images

Flex: Alvin Kamara

This is a calculated risk. I’m not going to lie, could be a flop now Brees has gone, could be the league MVP. It’s too much of a risk to go without him. Kamara smashed last season, winning people’s matchups single-handedly. His high scoring games however came when Brees was at QB. When Taysom Hill was starting, his workload seemed to be shared with the dual threat QB. McCaffrey and Cook are safer options but you can’t not have Kamara if they’re gone.

K: Justin Tucker

With kickers and Defence/Special Teams, You can pick week by week depending on match ups or just set and forget them. For this I select Justin Tucker as the set and forget guy. Finished last season 7th among kickers, missing only 4 out of 82 FG/PAT’s last season. He’s just a safe option to go with and you know he’s going to get you points.

D/ST: Carolina Panthers

Yes, Carolina Panthers are the defence in my dream team. This young and hungry defence are only going to get better this season. Per PFF’s strength of schedule, the panthers have the third easiest schedule for defence/special teams. Considering the pick-ups from free agency and another season under the belt for the youngest average age team in the league, I’m putting my money on the Panthers having a shutout season on defence.

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