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Tom’s Top 5 in 2021 – The Offensive Guards

The interior of the Offensive Line does not get the love and attention it deserves. The Offensive Guards start the run game and protect their precious Quarterback from the monstrous Defensive Tackles whose only job is to penetrate the line and get after the Franchise players. Their importance to the whole Offense cannot be understated and yet year in and year out they are.

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But who is the cream of the crop, the crème de la crème of the interior? That question can be answered by first talking about what you want in your player. Do you need a bruiser who will knock players back three yards, do you need someone who will open up holes or even a downfield blockers ready to get some serious speed moving? Here we rank the Offensive Guards based on their ability and give some way too early 2021 predictions.

Quenton NelsonQuenton Nelson
Zack MartinZack Martin
Wyatt TellerDavid DeCastro
Brandon ScherffWyatt Teller
David DeCastroBrandon Scherff
Top 5 players in 2020 and the Top 5 in 2021

This one is all about gut feeling, how the Offensive Guards played in 2020 and how they will help to anchors the big men in 2021.

Quenton Nelson

Seen by many as the best of the Offensive Guards in football, Nelson showed the league why he is the Gold Standard. He does not take a play off, and he is excellent in the pass game and in the run game. The Colts were able to build on a clean pocket to make the playoffs, and all this with an aging Quarterback and a Rookie Running Back. Nelson has every opportunity to build on this past season and separate himself from the pack.

Zack Martin

Mr Dependable himself, might actually be the best player at his position, however a little bit of recency bias and a big helping of bad overall team play, drop Martin to second. Since entering the league, Zack Martin has dominated his position as a perennial all pro and the line in Dallas was always a show piece. As the line fell apart however through free agency and retirement, and the injuries mounted up, Martin was still at the top level, it is just that no one else was.

Image Credit – The Athletic

David DeCastro

Do I think Pittsburgh will be good this year? Not at all, however DeCastro has a habit of being in the right place to make the block every time. With Big Ben aging, DeCastro will be asked to do more to protect him, something he has done extremely well at since entering the league. I do not expect the Steelers to do much this year, but they will pass the ball, a lot, and DeCastro will be the primary player keeping them upright.

Wyatt Teller

If you ask most people to name one of the Cleveland Browns Offensive Guards you will, for the most part, here Joel Bitonio’s name. People forget about the better of the two Offensive Guards in 2020 and that was Wyatt Teller. It is easy to understand why too, Cleveland have a two headed monster in the backfield and they need blocking for. Teller plays Right Guard and opens up the running room for the stars Chubb and Hunt.

Image Credit – Browns Wire – USA Today

Brandon Scherff

Another player suffering with the Zack Martin consistency bug, Scherff has been excellent since he entered the league. A star on the Offensive Line for Washington, Scherff has been one of the top Offensive Guards in the league for a while. Problem is, Washington and the division they are in is the bottom of the NFC pile. He has been asked to do all manner of things for bad Quarterbacks for his entire time in DC and as much as I love Fitzpatrick, he isn’t exactly the next big thing.

Rookie Introduction

Alijah Vera-Tucker

This may be the surest pick in this series of articles, and it is because of the situation he is being brought into. A converted Offensive Tackle, Vera-Tucker will be asked to block on the left side for Zach Wilson. He will be partnered with First Round talent from 2020 Mekhi Becton and they will anchor the Jets Line. He will make the 2021 list as one of the top players in the league and will show just how good he can be in arguably the perfect situation.

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