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Tom’s Top 5 in 2021 – The Wide Receivers

Next up we have a position who need no introduction, the Wide Receivers. The showboating on Offense comes primarily from these guys and with all the eyes on them, we watch them strive to thrive or struggle to survive. The league has transitioned more into a passing league in recent years, and so Wide Receivers now sit at the top table in the NFL. When a player is good they can sometimes feel unstoppable.

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Quantifying a Wide Receivers value and therefore making a top 5 list is easier than most of these lists because for the most part, more yards means a higher place on the list. Touchdowns are also key and a combination of the two can see a players value skyrocket. For the most part that will take precedence in my top 5 for 2021 and the potential ability of an incoming Rookie will hinge on their ability to Justin Jefferson the season (Spoiler Alert).

Stefon DiggsStefon Diggs
DeAndre HopkinsDeAndre Hopkins
Justin JeffersonD.K Metcalf
Davante AdamsJustin Jefferson
Calvin RidleyDavante Adams
The 2020 top 5, and the projected 2021 top 5

I always preface these lists by saying they are subjective, however at this point, I think we all know they are spot on.

Stefon Diggs

Potentially the easiest player to put on any of my lists, Diggs is the best Wide Receiver in the league, a league that is extremely pass happy too. He averaged 95.9 yards per game last year, which is a fantastic showing and when you see that he was over 100 yards ahead of his nearest competition you can see why he is here. I do not expect him to slow down going into 2021, as he has already shown that he can matchup with anything the league has to offer.

DeAndre Hopkins

Affectionately known as D-Hop, the man can catch a ball anywhere it is thrown. He only seems to get better with every season that he plays, and as far as I am concerned, he seems to be the only true match for Diggs at the top of the Wide Receivers. Hopkins put together numbers of 1407 yards but only 6 Touchdowns finding the Endzone less that expected for someone of his obvious talents. He is only 28 though, so the prime of his career is just getting started.

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D.K Metcalf

He gets the headlines whenever he takes the field, with his dominant play. Metcalf even recently ran under 10 seconds in an official track and field event, running the 100 metres. He showed incredible speed and he is the go to guy for Russell Wilson in Seattle. The only thing holding him back is the protection for his Quarterback, but Metcalf struggled twice last year against Jalen Ramsey, so expect him to play angry in 2021.

Justin Jefferson

The uncrowned Rookie of the Year, Jefferson took the league by storm in his first season, posting 1400 yards for Minnesota last year. He very quickly became Kirk Cousins favourite target as soon as he arrived with the Vikings and he led the league in yards per game with a massive 98.1 yards. Jefferson made himself the number 1 player for Cousins to look for and going forward expect Jefferson to only get better.

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Davante Adams

Aaron Rodgers favourite pass catcher led all Wide Receivers last year with 18 Touchdowns, which he collected while catching for 1374 yards. Adams was the primary target all year for Rodgers and even though everyone knew this, he was nearly unstoppable. There are some truly elite Wide Receivers in the NFL, and Adams ability to get into the Endzone puts him right at the top of this list.

Rookie Introduction

Terrace Marshall Jr

One of the outside picks for the top Wide Receivers of this class, everyone has their eyes on the big three. Chase, Waddle and Smith were the top Wide Receivers drafted however all of them will get primary coverage all year, down in Carolina, Marshall Jr will be number 2 or number 3. While getting onto the list of best Wide Receivers is difficult, with a new Quarterback, and the game plans of opponents being focused on CMC and DJ Moore, looks for Marshall Jr to have a serious impact in Charlotte.

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