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Tommy Tremble: Greg Olsen 2.0

I was asked a few times before the draft started if I could pick one player, any round, who would it be? My answer to that question was Tommy Tremble. Why? Ever since Olsen left us there has been a massive gap in the TE position and although we signed Dan Arnold in free agency, I still wanted Tremble because what he brings may be a game changer. Tommy came into the draft being one of the best blocking TE’s to ever come out of college. Imagine what that can do for Joe Brady’s schemes, with the most elusive running back in the league at his disposal in Christian McCaffrey.


Tommy Tremble born 2nd of June 2000 (Enough to make anyone feel old) attended the University of Notre Dame which he chose over Michigan in 2018. His father, Greg Tremble won Super Bowl XXX with the Cowboys, winning is in his blood. In his first year with Notre Dame he didn’t play a single game, the two seasons after however he only missed out on one. Tommy managed 401 yards off 35 receptions and 4 touchdowns. He managed this while playing second fiddle for the majority of his college career. Chicago Bears 2020 2nd rounder Cole Kmet and freshman Michael Meyer who looks to be a future stud, were the ones taking all the glory but Tremble was the blocking workhorse that made it tick.

Pro day

Having committed early to this year’s NFL draft, Tremble was hoping to impress with his pro day. At 6ft 3” and just over 17 stone he ran a 4.59 which I personally think is an unreal time for anyone, let alone a TE. He also managed an impressive 20 reps on the bench press and a vertical jump of just over 36”. Tommy couldn’t have asked for any more from his pro day, it got everyone talking and not just because his name is unreal.

Tommy Tremble fills in the blanks, boosts draft status at Notre Dame Pro Day  | Notre Dame Insider Football | ndinsider.com
Credit: Notre Dame Insider

Fitting into the Panthers offence

Having touched on it at the start, Tremble is known for his blocking. Christian McCaffrey and Sam Darnold will be elated with Tremble coming into the Panthers offence. Darnold is finally getting the offensive line he deserves, and the addition of Tommy has made it even tougher to get to future Super Bowl MVP. Since Brady has come in at OC, Panthers love a play action, and I for one can’t wait to see Tremble block then slip out to receive the ball and take it to the house.

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McCaffrey coming back off a season full of injuries, will be raring to go and get back to where he was the season before. One TE that has recently set the league ablaze is George Kittle, who Tremble has been compared to on numerous occasions. Kittle also came into the league mainly known for his blocking, now he’s one of the best TE’s in the league. Tremble is a raw talent that can easily improve on the reception side but his commitment to blocking is what has me excited. For a team who has the motto ‘keep pounding’, Tremble will fit right in.

Talented Notre Dame TE Tommy Tremble declares for 2021 NFL Draft
Credit: Joe Robbins/Getty Images

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