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Tom’s Top 5 in 2021 – The Quarterbacks

The statistics of the 2020 season are in the books, we know who won the awards, we know who was the best, but what of the new season? Over the coming days and weeks, I will dive in each position, I will give my way too early 2021 top 5, I will give you my reasoning and most importantly, I will give you my pick for which Rookie could get themselves into the top 5 in their first season. First up, the Quarterbacks.

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What is the basis for what makes a player the best Quarterback? There is no exact science to who was the best, so then how can we possibly Quantify it. Therefore it will be heavily reliant on opinion and in season statistics. Who then were the top 5 in 2020 and who will be the top 5 in 2021.

Aaron RodgersAaron Rodgers
DeShaun WatsonPatrick Mahomes
Patrick MahomesMatthew Stafford
Josh AllenJustin Herbert
Justin HerbertBaker Mayfield
The 2020 top 5, and the projected 2021 top 5

I based my picks on overall ability to play the game, coupled with some excellent offseason movements for their respective front offices and here is why I picked them.

Aaron Rodgers

Whether he stays in Green Bay or moves to pastures new, Aaron Rodgers is currently playing at a new inhuman level. Last season he routinely shredded Defenses on the way to the Conference championships and due to some suspect play calling again fell short. He regular season play however earned him a near unanimous MVP selection, with Rodgers receiving 44 of a possible 50 votes. There is no reason to think he will not be up at the top of the pile again this year.

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Patrick Mahomes

Losing a Superbowl hurts, especially after going into the game as the favourites, however Mahomes is nothing if not a competitor. Another person to make double duty on these lists, Mahomes and Kansas City are set up for long term success, however if the biggest game of them all, on the national stage, we all saw that he cannot do it alone. One of the two men to take away some of the MVP votes, the other being Josh Allen, Patrick Mahomes showed himself to be one of the top 5 players in the league, and that has little chance of change in 2021.

Matthew Stafford

What do you get when you take a Franchise with a truly elite defense and give them a top 5 Quarterback to captain the ship? You get a Championship is what you get! We all watched Tampa Bay do this last year behind the arm of QB12 and this year it is the turn of the L.A Rams. Languishing in Detroit for his whole career so far, Matthew Stafford has always been seen as a top 5 Quarterback, and outside of throwing to ‘Megatron’ Calvin Johnson he has never truly had a chance to shine. Down in L.A with the number 1 Defense, Sean McVay and a legitimate chance at the big time, Stafford will finally get to fulfil his potential.

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Justin Herbert

Well, well, well welcome to the NFL Justin Herbert. The Rookie came to play last year, and showed what a serious player can do from day one in this league. For me anyway he cracked the top 5 Quarterbacks last year, playing incredibly well, and showing no reason for the Chargers to be concerned about Rookie nerves. Next up is his sophomore season and the potential for the feared Sophomore Slump; You heard it here first, Herbert will not have this. He is quickly establishing himself as not only a force in the NFL, but the best of the 2020 class of Quarterbacks.

Baker Mayfield

His distinctly average statistics last year do not paint the whole picture and it is the reason Baker gets included on my 2021 picks for top Quarterbacks. The Browns are back, and they mean business. Seen as the joke of the NFL for as long as I can remember, no one ever took the Browns seriously, however this is the warning, that they are here to stay. Mayfield graduated last year into becoming their leader and will only grow as a player in the coming years. His statistics did not show his influence last year, but without a doubt they will this year.

Rookie Introduction

Trevor Lawrence

Do I think T-Law will have the best season of the Rookie Quarterbacks, maybe not, it is unlikely he will make the playoffs either, something Trey Lance and others have a serious chance at doing. He will however have the best stat line of all of his rivals. Jacksonville is his team, without question and from day 1. Lawrence has a small army of playmakers being built around him and he is being given the best chance to succeed. While he may surprise many in a weak division this year, his statistics definitely won’t

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