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Davis Mills: Hype Machine or the Real Deal

Recently something peaked my interest, a few notable media sites began the classic hype of a later round prospect into the first round. Inevitably, every year this is a Quarterback, and it can be hit and miss to be honest. It happens every time we close in on the Draft, a Quarterback needy team gets paired with a player no one was really talking about with a potential First Round pick on the line. This year we have Davis Mills being given this honour with Chicago being the rumoured suiters at pick 20.

Need Vs Best Player Available

Straight away when I analyse this one, I do not believe this will happen at number 20, for the sole reason that Mills will be available later in the draft. Chicago do not have a good record with Quarterbacks and coming off the Mitchell Trubisky situation, they are unlikely to pull the trigger on another First Round Quarterback.

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That being said, the Bears NEED a Quarterback, because Andy Dalton is not the answer. It is highly likely that Trevor Lawrence, Zach Wilson, Justin Fields, Trey Lance and Mac Jones will be gone by this pick therefore the Bears, if they stay in situ will likely have to look elsewhere for their new Franchise piece. This is where Mills might be the knee jerk reaction.

The Pros and the Cons

Starting with the cons and the reasons not to pick the Stanford Product: He has fewer than 12 starts over 3 seasons due to injury, specifically a twice surgically repaired ACL. He will likely still be there for at least their next pick, whether they want to risk that is their business, but elite players who do not necessarily fill a glaring need will be hard to pass up here.

Davis Mills could he be the real deal?

The pros I feel are absolutely more numerous than the cons when you talk about potential: As a former 5* recruit, Mills clearly has some solid ability and would not have had offers from 28 schools if he did not possess elite abilities. He played in a pro style offense at college, playing under centre, something he will be required to do at the next level. He has the hype behind him now, however people still need convincing, enter Stanford’s pro day.

The Pro Day

Davis Mills, like a lot of prospects had an opportunity to improve his stock here, and more so than a lot of players, this could only have a positive outcome. For the most part had this Pro Day have gone badly, the analysis would be that he is out of practice due to time missed or that the weather, which was very wet and quite windy, was clearly the factor. If the Pro Day went poorly, excuses would be at the ready for the young man.

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The Pro Day however, went very, very well.

First Mills ran a 4.58 unofficial 40 yard dash, which for the most part, is faster than most. He out paced all of his direct rivals if the consensus is that he is fighting for 6th place among the Quarterbacks of 2021. He moves with a smooth motion, not wasting anything and can make all the throws. He can do it on the run and has anticipation and timing. He is a natural at moving safeties with his eyes and has proven at Stanford’s Pro Day that he can handle the rain, only missing 3 of the 54 throws he made, 1 was also dropped, but not due to the pass.

Final Verdict on Davis Mills

Will he see the first round, probably not, however I absolutely understand why the Bears are rumoured to take him at 20. He feels like a more finished product than players like Trey Lance, however due to injury and lack of action, he will rightly fall in the draft. I have a better place for him to land though, Tampa Bay.

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A player who can already play in a Pro-Style Offense, learning from the best is a recipe for long term victory in Tampa. Tom Brady seems like he will never stop, but it is inevitable he will. This year has a really strong Quarterback Class, and Mills if he can stay healthy might be the best. Aaron Rodgers did it in Green Bay and Davis Mills can do it in Tampa.

Many say that Tampa is a complete team, so what do you give the team who has everything? You give them the future of the Franchise!

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