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Jake Schakel Interview – Class of 2024 QB

At Undrafted, we want to continue to expand our reach, audience, and the type of content we bring to you here on our site. We thought it would be great to check in with some of the talent of the future, and reached out to a few quarterbacks who are currently making their way through high school, trying to earn their way into a scholarship to play ball in college. Series such as QB1, and Last Chance U, have been extremely popular around the world because they allow you to get to know the players on a deeper level. So we thought we’d bring you a few interviews from guys who will map their futures in the game over the next few years, starting with Jake!

Jake Schakel very kindly spent some time with us, and we were able to ask him some questions about what it’s really like to be a high school athlete, and a student, all at the same time. We’ve also attached his highlights at the bottom of our conversation, so you can check him out on the field. We’ll be following his journey, and hope many of you will do the same. We’d love to see Jake succeed at every step of his journey, and now he has Undrafted right behind him! Enjoy the interview. We are hoping that these initial interviews will open up further discussion with the athlete, and we can bring you an even more in depth look further down the line.

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Jake is a pro style QB, from Puyallup, Washington State, on the west coast. He’s the quarterback at Emerald Ridge High School, and will be working towards a state championship with his team mates this upcoming season.

Jake! Welcome to Undrafted, great to spend some time with you. We want to share the experience of developing as an athlete through high school and into college, so it’s great to connect!

First off, tell us a little about you. What’s your earliest memory of picking up a football? Did you start young?

I always wanted to be a quarterback just watching my dad coach a high school team. Always loved tossing the ball around.

QB is a tough position, that’s a lot of pressure for a young athlete. That’s just the position that you were drawn to?

I first wanted to be the qb because I always wanted the game to be in my hands and not want to depend on others to decide if we will win or not, I was inspired by the quarterbacks like Jake Locker, Keith Price, and Jake Browning.

If you had to compare yourself to a QB in the NFL, who would it be and why?

I think I would compare to a Teddy Bridgewater type, I can run outside the pocket and get some yards but mostly overall a pocket passer.

Learning and growing as an athlete is one thing, but of course you also have academics to focus on. How do you manage balancing that?

I finished with a 4.0 GPA, I never let any late work get behind me which really helped me manage my time, I always did my work on time and was always good with my teachers!

What’s your favourite thing about being a quarterback? Throwing a deep ball for a touchdown? A perfect spiral? A scramble run?

I think the number one thing is to be able to be the leader on the field and be in control, yea the touchdowns are great but it’s about winning and I think the quarterback position is the most important in doing so.

What’s it like to be a high school QB walking around campus? Do people know you’re that guy? Are you signing autographs yet??

Being the QB on campus is kind of cool with some perks, this year in Covid-19 I haven’t been on campus a lot so I haven’t been able to experience it yet but maybe in the future It should be fun.

What are your ambitions for the upcoming season at Emerald Ridge? What would you like to prove/put on tape?

Our goals at ER are to win a state championship, and just come together as a team, I think we got the talent, we just gotta execute.

(The exact dates of the upcoming season are not yet confirmed, but we will keep our followers posted on Jake’s progress!)

Does college football cross your mind already? Where would you like to play? Thoughts on the next level…

I have started emailing coaches and started to open up my recruitment, I have heard back from a few which is pretty exciting but ultimately I’m focused on my team and our success the most.

And finally

If you could play QB for any NFL team right now, who would you choose and why? I’m sure there are receivers and tight ends you’d love to throw to!

I would probably play for the Seahawks, it’s local to my home and obviously they’ve got great weapons at receiver. Russ is doing a great job with them and their development, but just being around the fan base and seeing how dedicated people are is a pretty cool sight to see! I’d play there.

Thank you for reaching out. It means a lot!

Thanks so much for spending some time with us. We’d love to check in with you again and see how you’re getting on. Thanks for sharing the high school experience with Undrafted Jake. We’ll be routing for you this season. Go get ‘em.

You can find Jake’s highlight tape here. Check him out!


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