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The time has come for everyone to put their money (It’s free) where their mouths are and enter the Undrafted’s Predict the Pick league! Did I mention It’s free, all a bit of fun and if you manage to come top of the league, there’s a nice £30 break credit as a prize waiting for you. IT’S FREE.

How can you win this amazing prize I hear you ask? All you have to do is enter the league and get the highest score. That’s it, easy. A link to the league will be below. Get your predicting cap on and get picking!

Link to the league: NFL.com – Predict the Pick – 2021 NFL Draft

What is Predict the Pick?

Predicting how the first round of the 2021 draft pans out is all you have to do… One by one selecting which rookie will be next up, and if that isn’t hard enough as it is, you have to take into consideration any trades that may take place to mix up who gets picked where. The draft also throws up a few surprise picks but the key in clinching victory is thinking outside the box.

How the point scoring works is you’ll get 100 points if you get the pick bang on, 50 points if your selection is one pick away, 20 points if your pick is two away and 10 points if they’re selected in the first round. The more picks you get correct the more bonus points you can accrue also, ranging from 100 to 600 depending on how many you get right. The deadline isn’t until 01:00 on 30th of April, which means once you’ve confirmed your picks you can still go back and change them, so there’s plenty of time to tinker with your picks to get your perfect first round. Some of your picks can be purely tactical, picking a QB at 4 where Atlanta Falcons are for example, hoping they will trade to a team that needs one.

Who is Kyler Murray? Baseball prodigy, 'too small' to play quarterback and  now the No 1 pick in 2019 NFL Draft
Credit: Andy Lyons/Getty Images

I once managed to finish 7th in the world in the 2016 Draft which was clearly pure skill, so you’ll have your work cut out to win our league with me in it. To give you all a chance I’ll let you in on one of my picks, Trevor Lawrence is going to be the first pick of the draft… That’s all you’re getting from me!

If you’re not sure about who the rookies are this year, or roughly where they’ll be drafted, we have a load of content covering that on our website which is linked below.

Link to the website: NFL – Undrafted – The Network

Last but not least good luck! I hope you all smash it and battle between each other for the second place, behind me.

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