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European Super League – Combating UEFA Corruption?

Well. An interesting 24 hours for football.

The all new European Super League has been announced, and the 12 clubs who will be joining it.

As most of you will already know, 6 English teams have agreed to join. Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United and Tottenham.

This will completely destroy the UEFA Champions League, and if the rumours are anything to go by, it’ll destroy football.

Before I continue, this is simply my opinion. I’m writing a blog about my feelings towards the current situation, because a lot of it is bugging me.

Football is no longer the sport of the working man. It’s become a business. Many teams have been taken over by multi billionaires, and even Sheikh’s have been taking over clubs like Manchester City.

Now it’s easy to become annoyed by this, however most of us football fans are quite simply used to it.

One thing though, that is really bothering me with this new league, is the complete and utter double standards. This is mainly what I’ll be getting into during the course of this article.

The Premier League…

Right. Cast your minds back to February 1992. The football league was suddenly restructured, ending football as we knew it.

The all new Premier League was introduced, and created a breakaway league for the higher teams to leave the football league.

With numerous television deals from Sky, and money talking, the 104 year old football league was no longer. This created uproar from most of the footballing world, and modern football was introduced. This was the start of football becoming a business, and serious money started pouring in.

So, the bit that I really cannot comprehend. 29 years ago, the Premier League wanted to breakaway from a 104 year old football league. They wanted to innovate football, and bring more money to the higher clubs.

So why all of a sudden, have the morals suddenly changed, and they believe the new Super League will be ruining the game?

Is it because they’ve genuinely got a conscience and they care about fans?


All it boils down to, is the fact 6 teams will be getting £350m just for signing up to this league, and they’ll not see a penny of it.

Remember that this is the same Premier League, who wanted to charge you £14.99 per game, despite already paying subscriptions for Sky Sports, BT Sport and Amazon Prime.

The FA and Premier League are not the good guys. They really couldn’t care less about fans. It all boils down to the dirty dollar.

All of a sudden, if they got a 25% share of each teams £350m, I bet they would love the idea and be well for the new league!


Now, PSG are suddenly interested in the welfare of football, and fans?!

Of course they aren’t.

Nasser Al-Khelaifi isn’t only the owner of Paris Saint Germain. Oh no. Nasser Al-Khelaifi is in fact, a member of the UEFA Executive Committee.

No wonder he’s unhappy! This takes money out of UEFA’s pockets, and therefore it’ll effect his.

But is that the only reason PSG have declined the invitation to join the new league? Once again, no.

Al-Khelaifi also owns BEIN Sports, who conveniently own all rights to show the UEFA Champions League.

If the Champions League didn’t have 12 of its biggest competitors in, the viewers would undoubtably tumble. Once again, this takes money out of Al-Khelaifi’s pocket.

Can we now please stop pretending PSG are suddenly the good guys, and care about maintaining the authenticity of the beautiful game.


Now, the biggest hypocrites of them all.

The brand new Super League will be splashing the cash, and giving clubs multi million pounds. Something that UEFA just simply haven’t done.

The whole point of this new league, is in fact to bring more revenue into the 12 clubs, who think they don’t get enough from UEFA despite competing in the Champions League most seasons.

Is this because the two governing bodies at the top of football are skint?

Hahaha.. no.

Without going into too much detail, do we all remember Sepp Blatter?

Yes? How about Michel Platini? The president of UEFA who literally got banned from being around any sort of football or footballing organisation due to corruption and ethics violations.

Yet as soon as they don’t get a cut of the funds, they regain morals?!


So, do I personally think this new league is a good idea? Probably not.

Do I care about the fans of football? Definitely.

But for these organisations to all of a sudden give a damn about the fans of the game is utter nonsense.

It boils down to the fact they will not be getting a cut of the money, and the businesses they run / own won’t be either.

Don’t be blinded by the apparent good guys. The ulterior motive will soon become clear for all to see.

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