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Steals of The Draft – Day Two

We all get caught up on day one of the draft, the big names, the bright lights, the whole ordeal. Don’t get me wrong, day one of the draft is a phenomenal experience. Every team gets to add new talent, an exciting prospect, or two, sometimes three, to help their franchise get better. It’s a great day for the whole league. But day two and three and vastly under rated.

To name just a few, the second day of the 2020 NFL draft produced:

Jonathan Taylor, Chase Claypool, D’Andre Swift, Laviska Shenault, Antoine Winfield Jr, Raekwon Davis, Cam Akers & Jeremy Chinn. I would call all of these picks home runs for day two, considering what we’ve seen from them so far. So what you don’t want to do, is watch the first day of the draft, and then switch it off. Oh no sir!

So here’s a few names I think you should keep an eye out for when we get to day two…

Javonte Williams – RB North Carolina

Williams is the third best back in this years draft, before a significant drop off in the running back pool of talent. His production was fantastic at North Carolina, despite the fact that he shared carries with team mate and fellow draft prospect Michael Carter.

Williams is a bigger back, but doesn’t lack the elusiveness. I love what he’s put on tape, and seeing such a diverse range of skills like that in his college game excites me for what he might produce at the next level. Williams is capable of coming into the league and being the starter for a franchise in need of an every down back. He’ll put his body in the way in the pass blocking game too, and offers pretty much the whole package.

MORE: Who is… Javonte Williams. Draft Profile!

I do feel there’ll be a panic for a couple of teams as there are only really three backs worthy of going in rounds 1 or 2. With Najee Harris likely going in the first round, once Travis Etienne then disappears off the board, Williams is the last of the elite three. After him, his team mate Carter is the next best thing, and I can see him being a late third rounder or beyond. So look out for Williams landing in the second round, and I wouldn’t be surprised to hear his name called early in the day.

Joseph Ossai – EDGE Texas

Joseph Ossai is a guy you want to route for, and if he lands with your team, get yourself a jersey. This man has a fantastic story, one which I’ve learned more about in the last couple of days, so i’ll be writing a draft profile about him.

He’s an edge threat, who was introduced to the game in the 7th grade, and after moving from Nigeria to Texas, despite over 40 offers from D1 schools, he chose to stay close to home with the Texas Longhorns.

In a similar way to Gregory Rousseau, he needs to continue to develop his skill set in terms of pass rush moves, and tools he can utilise to enhance his game. He plays hard, and always seems switched on, unlikely to ever take a play off. It took him until his final season to finally settle into the edge spot. He’d also been rotating in as an outside linebacker, so is a little bit of an unknown talent in terms of how far he really could take his game, which is why he’s likely going to land on day two. But again, his story is fantastic, and he’s a young man I’ll be looking forward to hearing called come the draft.

Dyami Brown – WR North Carolina

I feel for Sam Howell a little this off season, as he’s losing pretty much the whole supporting cast of his offence at North Carolina. Howell is going to be one of the better prospects as we approach the 2022 NFL draft, but will have to perform this season without the likes of Brown.

Dyami Brown is described as one of the better vertical threat receivers in this years draft. He’s exciting to watch on tape, and does well beating a man off the line, or breaking off of his route to get himself open down the field. His versatility means you can line him up inside or out on the perimeter. I like what he brings as the two or three guy in an NFL offence, and he kind of reminds me of AJ Brown, who was also a day two selection.

In a deep receiver class once again this year, look out for the likes of Dyami Brown on day two, and check out his highlights! The young man is a talent. This might also be your first look at Sam Howell, who throws a beautiful ball, and will be a name to look out for come this next college football season.

Tyson Campbell – CB Georgia

Tyson Campbell is a bigger corner. At 6″2 NFL teams will like his size, and he has very good speed for his body type. The thing that stood out to me watching his tape is his football IQ. He reads the game well. Campbell will take a risk here and there coming off his man to intercept a play, but certainly doesn’t lack the knowledge of the game to put himself in the best possible position to make an impact.

He has a collection of impressive plays, not giving up on a play and stripping the ball out for example. He comes off a block well to make a tackle. Can line up outside but also cover in the slot. Great man to man ability is on display with his tape, I love his coverage skills. A very versatile talent who could be very very good at the next level.

Jabril Cox – LB LSU

Cox originally featured for North Dakota State, the same team as this years quarterback prospect Trey Lance. However, after dominating at that level for three full seasons, including winning his conferences freshman of the year in 2017, and then defensive player of the year in 2018, he made the switch and stepped up his competition a level by transferring to LSU. Cox is going to be a very good coverage linebacker in the NFL, however his run defence will need to improve, and it’s that area of his game that will likely land him with a team either late in round two, or round three.

Cox’ ability to cover will be very appealing to NFL teams that need him to fill that role, but I’d like to see him improve in the run game so he can become an every down linebacker on Sundays. That being said, don’t underestimate what he can do on the field in passing situations. In his very first game for LSU he picked off a pass over the middle and took it straight back to the house. He reads passing situations well and in a man defence you can have him covering the tight end, or running back. He reads a screen extremely well, or any kind of passing play out of the backfield to a running back.

Quincy Roche – EDGE Miami

Roche worked out at Miami’s pro day with defensive line team mate Gregory Rousseau. The interesting take away from the day was that Roche actually out performed Rousseau in most of the workout drills and measurements. According to Senior Bowl director Jim Nagy, Roche was the overall winner of any athlete who worked out at their pro day across the country. He really helped himself get noticed, which will pay off for him as scouts gathered to watch not only Rousseau, but also Jaelen Phillips, both of which are likely to be first round picks at the edge position.

So Roche transferred from Temple to Miami after winning the AAC defensive player of the year award in 2019, and became part of what was a very strong defensive line. He seals the edge well and steps up to make the tackle on running backs with ease at times. His ability to blow through the line shines on tape too. Great run defence guy off the edge, with a strong pass rush set too.

Jevon Holland – Safety Oregon

And finally, coverage safety Jevon Holland from Oregon. With the first safety likely to go off the board late day one, or early day two anyway in Trevon Moehrig… I wouldn’t expect Jevon to be too far behind. The safety class this year might not get started on day one, but that doesn’t mean these guys should be overlooked. Jevon Holland is a lot of fun to watch, and acts as a strong leader in that Oregon secondary.

He’s one of these safeties you can line up all over the place, and he can pop up anywhere in the middle of a play. Those guys are some of the most entertaining players on the field, and while he might not be quite as stocky as a Jamal Adams, he does have that Budda Baker, Tyrann Mathieu type feel to him. He’ll need to add a few pounds, as he’s currently 6″1, 195 pounds, but in an NFL weight room and with his skills I’d love to see his potential come through at the next level.

He’s a true ball hawk in the secondary, and he reminds me of Earl Thomas, a young Earl Thomas. DBs are my favourite guys to watch and Jevon Holland is one of those guys who just makes plays. His name will be called on day two, and I look forward to seeing him line up in a secondary where he’s allowed to roam around the deep end of the field, picking balls off at will. Hopefully Miami’s…

So there you have it. If you enjoyed this and you find it useful to hear about some names to look out for on day two, or even day three, let us know! We’d be happy to keep bringing these to you as we prepare you for the draft!

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