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Undrafted’s Guide To Cards And Breaks – Part 1 – Getting Started

Firstly welcome to our new series, where we will basically guide you through not only our processes for card breaks, but also answering any questions and making the whole card game as simple as possible.

We aim to give you guys the best breaking experience possible, and for this to happen, we want to give you as much information and detail as humanly possible.

In this first part, we will explain what is a break, and how to get involved with Undrafted breaks. Different types of breaks and any other questions that seem to pop up.

What is a break?

As we touched on, we will be starting from the beginning.

A card break, is a type of trading card opening, where you can choose a specific team. You choose your team, and every single card that gets pulled for that team in the boxes or packs being opened, will go to you. This saves you time, and most importantly money. Rather than spending 100’s of pounds on whole boxes, just to search for your favourite team, a break will cut out the other 31 teams and ensure you only get your favourite team, for just a fraction of the price you’d spend on retail products.

How do I get involved in a break?

Firstly, check our Facebook page – ‘Undrafted – NFL Cards & Box Breaks U.K.’ for upcoming breaks. This is where we will post any information on the breaks, including times and links to the specific break in question.

You then follow the link to hop on the website, and add your team to the basket, checkout and you’re all set!

Remember to make a note of the date and time of the break you are in, and get ready for the fun to start!

How to watch the breaks

So you’ve bought into your first break! Let’s watch and see what pulls you get!

We live stream all of our breaks on our YouTube channel – ‘Undrafted Sports Cards UK‘

Here we will go live a few minutes before every scheduled start time of a break. We also pride ourselves on interaction, so login and have a chat with us!

Once the break gets started, keep a lookout for your specific team, and see what cards you get!

After the break

Once the break is over, and you know what cards you’re getting, we do the rest!

Every good card will be sleeved, and top loaded if a big hit. Once we finish the stream, we work tirelessly over the next 24 hours to get everything packaged and dispatched to you! We send everything well packaged and dispatched using the fastest service possible.

You will then get your cards just a couple of days (on average) after the break!

Types of break

You can find the type of break on our store!

You may see us advertise different types of breaks. You have a variety of products which means a variety of packs and boxes! We normally mix different products together to make a mixer break!

Packs – You have your basic packs. Single boosters that are readily available and rarely contain a bit. You may also see value packs, which are normally 2 boosters into one, or occasionally with an extra 3 card special pack included.

Blaster Box – A blaster box is the next step up from basic packs. Normally you get around 30/40 cards and these include special inserts, especially from this type of box.

Hobby Box – Again another step up. A hobby box normally guarantees you an autograph or memorabilia card. This means you are pretty much guaranteed a hit or two. A more expensive type of product, but with solid returns.

Mega Box – Exactly what it says on the box. Mega. These normally include both autograph and memorabilia cards. Also regular hits, and more chances of bigger cards.

Thank you for joining us for part 1! The next part will be dropping very soon!

Anything you want to know, and any questions, please just message any of the guys @ Undrafted!

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