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Jose Mourinho: A Conspiracy theory

Jose Mourinho: The Special One, as he is known far and wide is an enigma, beloved by millions, despised in equal amounts, however it is undeniable that he gets results. Winning everywhere he has been since his arrival at Porto in 2002. He is, it seems, a born winner, with his us against the world attitude, and when given the right player, he can become nearly unstoppable.

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To prove this lets take a look at those major honours:

Leagues – 2x Primeira Liga, 3x Premier League, 2x Serie A and 1x La Liga

Cups – 1x Taca de Portugal, 1x FA Cup, 4x League Cup, 1x Coppa Italia, and 1x Copa Del Rey

Super Cups – 1x Supertaca Candido de Oliveira, 2x FA Community Shield, 1x Supercoppa Italiana, 1x Supercopa de Espana.

He also managed 2x Champions Leagues and 2x Europa Leagues.

Alongside these are countless individual honours for him as a coach too, the man loves a trophy. What then could the conspiracy theory be? Well, hear me out with this one…

Jose Mourinho is trying to destroy football and he is starting with the premier league.

The Building of the mystique

Mourinho started his ascension to becoming the Special One when he ruled Portugal with Porto, winning a treble in each of his seasons. Now this is hard to do with the world football powerhouses, however you have to factor in that in both years he won the European Cup his team entered. This statistic is often overlooked, however just off this two-year performance Mourinho cemented himself as an all-time great.

Image Credit – The Telegraph

He moved on to Chelsea and they quickly became the class of the Premier League. They became the hardest team to beat in the league and this is when Jose really leaned into the Special One moniker. He created his famous us against the world play style and frustrated everyone around him. Towards the end of his time however, things began to turn sour and he parted ways with Chelsea as a ‘mutual decision’.

He then proceeded to dominate Italy and Spain in his time away proving without a doubt that despite leaving the Premier League in the way he did, he absolutely still had it. He overthrew the monopolies that were being built by Juventus and Barcelona respectively and he did it, it seemed, just to say that he could.

Image Credit – Bleacher Report

So how then does this link to your conspiracy you ask? Well, after he had proven without a doubt to be one of the greatest managers of all time, he set him sights on his real task. This had been eating at him since he had left for pastures new, he decided he would turn the premier league on its head.

Is it a conspiracy if it is true?

Mourinho returned to Chelsea and won the title again, in my opinion, just to say he could. The next season he guided them into a relegation fight before being sacked. Mourinho was fired in December, a month in which they ended 14th overall in the league, with 9 losses already to their name. They managed to recover to 10th but his destruction of their once feared invincible aura was without question, complete.

Image Credit – The Mirror

Following his sacking a struggling Manchester United came calling, the only team to really stop his reign of terror in his first spell at Chelsea. Now this was too good to be true for Jose, he managed them to a Europa League title, flexing his managerial muscles, but the team remained a little way of the pinnacle. They finished second in his second season; however the title was decided with 5 games to go. Again December came around and he was fired, United bringing in Solskjaer and being slightly above average since then.

His latest appointment following his spell with United is now with Tottenham Hotspur, and I like many others, felt the appointment was an attempt to finally win a trophy. Jose Mourinho is known to win everywhere he goes, and with Spurs on a 13-year hiatus from the top step, the match felt like the right thing to do. Mourinho and his anti-football however had a different idea. Spurs are in the League Cup final, which Mourinho will attest to as being proof he can still do it, and if he wins it, his appointment will be a success.

Image Credit – Football365

The problem is, for the 3rd club in a row, Mourinho is destroying what his predecessors tried to build. Manchester United and Tottenham Hotspur are further from being contenders than they were without him and this is heavily down to him and his style of management. If he continues to win, he will continue to build his legacy, and when the dust settles, he will have destroyed everything that was previously built.

Jose Mourinho is basically a Disney villain at this point, surrounded by poor unfortunate souls!

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