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Dolphins Trade(s). Fan Reaction. What Does It Mean?

Holy snot. I’ve had to take my hoodie off to write this and allow my armpits to breathe, as the sweaty excitement began to get the better of me. The Miami Dolphins trade the third pick in the draft for THREE first round picks, and a third rounder. We’ll get San Francisco’s first rounder for the next three years, plus a third rounder this year. I’ll get into the Philly Pick too… Here’s a post of my thoughts as it all happened.

The Niners Out on Jimmy?

The 49ers are in win now mode. They also need to act in the toughest division in the league right now in order to stay ahead of the curve and continue to compete for a high seed playoff spot. There have been murmurs that they felt Jimmy G, (we’ll abbreviate the surname because I always have to google how many Rs and Ps and Os there are in it.), any way they felt he wasn’t the answer. There was a trade reported in which the 49ers made an offer for Kirk Cousins, which had been rejected.

So now they make a move, and one of the most interesting things here is they get it done so EARLY. The draft is still over a month away, and to me this screams getting into position to make their move, and then analysing the right choice. By moving up to three they are going to be in the running for two out of the three of Zach Wilson, Trey Lance, and Justin Fields. They currently hold one of the greatest defences in the league, and if they get this selection right, then they’re a real contender, with a young team and a young head coaching staff.

Mandatory Credit: Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

So you can understand why they make the trade. This years pick at number 12 was a fluke, let’s remember that. The Niners pick this year will be a one off, so they obviously see the value in trading the next two years worth of firsts too, because they envision that if they get this right, those picks will be very late in the day, and hopefully in the 30s.

There is then also the potential now that they trade Jimmy G (Ps and Os and Rs), and recoup one of those first round picks, or a second perhaps. So they get some of the outgoing capital back there. I’d imagine this is a likely scenario, there will be teams making the call i’m sure.

Another Option?

We did a community mock draft this week and Tom traded with the Dolphins, gave up a haul and came back up to three. But not for a quarterback. No he traded his way back up, and drafted Kyle Pitts. Is that an option here? Are we thinking it’s definitely a quarterback? If it’s not, I believe Pitts is the only guy it could be. Shanahan might be looking at him and thinking he is what the Niners need to take their offence over the top.

So who do you think the Niners pick at 3?

To be honest, I don’t believe they yet know. And that’s absolutely fine. All they need to do is decide on their favourite two quarterbacks, and it’s so close between them that it will be fine for them either way. Or of course, it could be Kyle Pitts. For the 49ers it’s a great trade… and for the Dolphins?

Miami Does It Again

The Miami Dolphins have made some sublime trades. By almost pure luck, the Laremy Tunsil trade landed them the 3rd overall pick this year, and considering we drafted our quarterback last year, we absolutely didn’t need to be there. The general consensus has been either to take best player available or trade down. The trade down being the preferable option because it allows us to gather some capital. And that’s exactly what we did.

I mean.., look at this:

The Niners are more than happy to give up the picks because they want to act quicker than Denver and Carolina, who might have also been considering a trade up. In doing so they’ve clogged the first three picks of the draft with likely quarterback selections, and not allowed any rivalling team to get ahead of them to make a choice first.

For the Dolphins, they get three picks, including the number 12 this year and a third rounder. It’s a phenomenal trade for Miami. Yes, worst case scenario the first rounders are late picks. I have no issue with that. That’s still two picks So what is the plan now?

Let me first note that I’m convinced we are not done moving around on day one of the draft. We have so much capital now, once again, that we can pretty much move wherever we like.

One thing I will note, is that moving out of the top 10 could quite easily cost us one of the top receivers. You can pretty much throw out the idea of Ja’Marr Chase, Jaylen Waddle, and Kyle Pitts. Perhaps DeVonta Smith slides to us there, perhaps one of the others does if we get lucky. We might squeeze one of them. Is there a shot we trade back into the top 10 if we want one that badly? Unlikely. It’s a stacked receiver draft all the way through round one and beyond. Options later in the day such as Kadarius Toney, Rashod Bateman, Rondale Moore, and Elijah Moore are all still very viable options, and with the addition of Will Fuller, perhaps the Dolphins are turning their attention elsewhere with their first pick.

Now at 12, some very real options include Micah Parsons, the linebacker out of Penn State, who would give us an amazing option as an outside linebacker at the MIKE position in a 3-4 system. He’s very fast, athletic, and versatile, and would certainly be a player Brian Flores would look to to improve the Dolphins defence. Alternatively you could get creative with the 12 pick, or take offensive line, and then take Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah at 18 to cover that linebacker role. Perhaps an offensive line man like Alijah Vera-Tucker who can play both tackle and guard, this would certainly be an appealing pick around that spot.

Personally here’s the way I like the first round looking, in an ideal scenario, and in my very excited, first thoughts opinion.

Pick 12 – Micah Parsons, LB, Penn State

Pick 18 – Najee Harris, RB, Alabama

The problem with both of these picks is that there’s very real threats for both of them ahead of us in the draft. The Giants and head coach Joe Judge were present this week to watch Micah Parsons run like the wind and perform incredibly well at his pro day. It’s thought that New York is a very real landing spot for the young talent, and the Giants pick at 11, now one spot ahead of Miami.

As for Najee Harris, I’ve said all along that the perfect landing spot for him is either Arizona or Miami. Arizona have the edge picking at 16, but if they pass, Miami is in prime position to reunite him with Tua in South Beach.

Of course, i’ll be speculating for a solid month as to what we do now. I love the idea of trading back into the top 10 with Detroit. give them a pick, perhaps the 3rd we just got as a bonus from San Francisco, as we know Detroit needs a whole new roster. Then we select Jaylen Waddle at 7. I love that.

As I said, I’d be very surprised if there are not more moves made by Miami on days 1 & 2 of the draft. We have so much draft capital now that I don’t even know what to do with myself.

As for the trade? It’s a pretty good deal for both sides. The Niners need to get the pick right, and if they do, they will never look back at this trade. And the Dolphins? Never needed to be top 3, got a great haul for the pick, and moves down to grab more talent. The only slight kicker is the potential of missing out on one of the elite receivers, so we will see what the coming weeks bring. One thing I know for sure is that I am a Miami Dolphins fan, and i absolutely love the trade. Respect to the guys in chance, Grier and Flores have done it again. Now let’s utilise those picks and go about our business.

Right Forget That We Traded Again While I Was Writing… Blimey I’m All Over the Show Here…

Okay at this point I’m genuinely sweaty. I turned my phone over to write this post with no distractions so I could get my thoughts out as SOON AS POSSIBLE, and in that 20 minute span we traded right back up again like a freaking yoyo, sitting at 12 for merely a matter of seconds. I didn’t even have time to finish my post. Apparently the 12 pick was of no interest to us, and we move back up to 6 with the Eagles.

We traded back into the top 6, gave a first round pick for next year to the Eagles, which is the Dolphins pick, not the 49ers pick, yoink there you go Philly have that we didn’t want it anyway, as well as the 123rd pick in this years draft. Which currently I don’t have the capacity to figure out who it belonged to, is it ours, is it San Frans? It’s probably Houstons we have most of theirs. But all that matters is that it’s Philly’s now.

Nice one Howie.

Right so we’re back in the top 6, that didn’t last long, and well and truly back in the race for a top tier receiver, and I have zero doubt in my mind at this point that that’s exactly what we’ll be drafting. Personally I think it’s Waddle. I think what he brings, the versatility, the inside threat, the deep threat, combined with Devante Parker/Preston Williams, and the advantage of having Will Fuller, who you absolutely have to account for over the top… plus Gesicki at tight end… we have a legitimate offence.

OR, it’s Micah Parsons or Penei Sewell. Either would make sense, and either would be worth us getting back up for to fill team needs with very highly regarded talent at those specific spots. OR we take Kyle Pitts and be done with it. And would I be mad? Gator fan or not, and I absolutely am can I get a GO GATORS?! I would be thrilled to draft Kyle Pitts at 6. Over the moon. Don’t overthink it, he’s simply that good.

MORE: Kyle Pitts Draft Profile

Notice I am making no points about Tua, and whether or not he can get it done… because that isn’t a debate. Non starter, not worth my time. Tua was tremendous in college so don’t be a plum and forget it. We’re going to be just fine. We’re in great (left) hands. Or hand. Tua’s left. Tua’s left hand. Wow i’m excited.

So now i need a drink. it’s a lot to take in. In summary:

We gain a first round pick two years from now, a third round pick this year, move down three spots, and give away a fourth rounder. That’s how it shakes out. Amazing work. I’m very pleased, and we can still get the guy we want in the top 6.

Aaaaaand breathe.

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