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The Fitzmagic man

What can I say about the man known as Fitzmagic that has not already been said, the perfect professional, the smartest man in football, the greatest beard of a generation! Listen, I won’t say I’m in love, but I also won’t say I am not in love.

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The crew at Undrafted will tell you, I am a huge Ryan Fitzpatrick fan, and I will be extremely sad to see him leave South Beach. He moves his talents to the Washington Football Team and I am here to tell you two things today. Firstly, Washington can WIN the Superbowl with Fitzmagic at the helm and two when they subsequently win the game, I have your new team ready to go, The Washington Fitzmagic.

The Ivy League Quarterback

Drafted in the 7th Round with the 250th pick, that’s 5 picks before Mr Irrelevant, Ryan Fitzpatrick made his way into the NFL from Harvard, yes you heard me correctly Harvard. Immediately I am sure you are thinking, it must have been a football scholarship that got him there. We maybe, but he also studied Economics at arguably the most prestigious school in the world.

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He chose Football however and he entered the league as a late rounder just hoping to make the roster, well 16 years later, he enters the 2021 season with his 9th team. Another point that sounds like a typo, Fitzpatrick has played for 9 different teams in his time in the NFL, either as a backup or a temporary replacement. Why then do I have so much love for a backup.

The Hardest Position in Football

Without a doubt the hardest position in football is the Backup Quarterback and I will not be taking questions on the subject. You have to be ready at a moments notice, if you play for a good team, you never play, if you play for a bad team you will likely end up a scapegoat when the starter crumbles, you cannot win. Fitzpatrick has not only thrived in this roll, but he might be the best to ever do it.

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I know Fitz has had his fair share of starting jobs, but let’s be honest, not one of them was permanent, he was always brought in to either be the backup or temporarily hold the job and play decent while they drafted their replacement. The man has been constantly looking over his shoulder, and has been replaced during seasons multiple times and he has still acted like the consummate professional.

If the Nay Sayers want to talk stats, the man has thrown for nearly 35,000 yards in his 16 seasons, with 223 Touchdowns to 169 Interceptions. In perspective, he has played in 165 games in his career giving him an average of 212 yards per game, with 1.4 Touchdowns per game and 1.0 Interceptions. Those statistics are that of a placeholder player, however when you factor in the unrest in his career and the fact he has only thrown more Interceptions than Touchdowns in 4 of his 14 seasons with at least one pass then you really get to see how consistently great he really is.

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The man holds some of my absolute favourite records in the NFL. He is the first player to start a game against one opponent with six different teams, thank you to Jacksonville for that record. The first Quarterback to throw four touchdown passes in a single game with five different teams and he is the first Quarterback to win against the same opponent with six different teams, thank you again Jacksonville. He also holds multiple franchise records for four different teams to have put down a legacy in many different cities.

Ryan Fitzmagic, Superbowl Winner?

Looking at the statistics and the situation at hand, how could I possibly be backing him to win a Superbowl? well there are many reasons I am sure, but firstly, wouldn’t it just be nice. The man has been nothing but professional, replaced everywhere he has been, including mid-season with the Dolphins last year. Yet he still has nice things to say about Tua in interviews. The man is professional all the time and that deserves a reward.

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Secondly, and probably more importantly, Washington look really good! Their Defense, specifically their front four are excellent and look nearly unstoppable. Their Offense got an upgrade with Curtis Samuel coming to town and the best piece they brought in was Ryan Fitzpatrick. He is solid, he can make all the throws, he looks after the ball and remember Defense wins championships and this Defense is that good!

When the inevitable happens and they win it all, the team will have found its identity, behind the almighty beard of the Fitzmagic man! I even grew out my beard to honour the man, but I won’t say I’m in love, I just think he’s neat!

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