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An NFL Insider… with Ryan Harris – Super Bowl 50 Champion

I’ve been lucky enough to interview many soccer and football players now, however not many come bigger than today’s guest.

Ryan Harris began his rise to the top at Notre Dame. During his college career, Harris started at Left Tackle for all 4 of his college years.

After a strong collegiate career, the potential of Harris was clear for all NFL franchises to see. Surprisingly he fell to the 3rd round, but at pick 70 of the 2007 NFL Draft, the Denver Broncos selected Ryan Harris. And from there the legacy was born.

During an illustrious 10 year NFL career, Harris played in 114 games, topping it off in 2015 winning Super Bowl 50.

Credit; NFL

During the 10 years in the league, Ryan Harris had 3 spells in Denver, and also played for the Pittsburgh Steelers, Philadelphia Eagles, Houston Texans and Kansas City Chiefs.

While playing at some of the biggest franchises in the league, of course Harris played with some big names. In fact some teammates will make the Hall Of Fame.

During 2015, Harris was infront of the legendary Peyton Manning during his final season in the league. Teammates also including Von Miller, Chris Harris, Shaq Barrett, Antonio Brown and Big Ben Roethlisberger.

In March 2017, Ryan Harris announced his retirement. Leaving the league on his own terms after an excellent career. Despite having numerous injuries over his career, Harris always came back bigger and better.

I caught up with Ryan to ask him a few questions about just what it’s like in the National Football League.

What was your initial reaction when you knew you’d made it to the NFL?

When I got the call on draft night, no-one could tell who I was on the phone with.

When I hung up the phone and my family were all around waiting for me to announce who was drafting me. I turned around and shouted ‘We’re going to DENVER!!!’

I felt like God reached down and said ‘have fun’

What an unbelievable moment that I’ll remember for the rest of my life.

We hear many stories and rumours about rookies joining the team for the first time! Do they really have to buy squad meals and sweets?😂

Facts. The higher the pick, the more expensive the dinner.

1st round pick? 2 desserts and bottles of wine to go. Whatever the guys want 😂

The more you protest the more expensive it gets.

Current player you’d have loved to play with?

Credit; LA Rams

Aaron Donald.

I wouldn’t want to play against him 😂

Is Tom Brady the greatest ever?

Yes. 7 rings. Nuff said.

A massive thank you to Mr Harris for his time. I feel like I mention it most weeks, but it really is an honour to interact with absolute legends of sport.

Since retiring, Ryan Harris has spent time with his family, and focusing on his faith.

Harris is also a motivational speaker, and has released a book called ‘Mindset For Mastery’

As always, you will find links to Ryan Harris on social media and his website below.

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