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An NFL insider… with Manasseh Garner

Welcome everyone, to a new interview type series I will be doing with former NFL professionals.

Being an NFL fan based in the U.K., we tend to lack the insider information from inside the franchises, and the league in general.

I’m here to change that.

Our first guest has been in and around some of the best teams in the NFL, and players such as Patrick Mahomes and Aaron Donald.

Manasseh Garner began his college career at Wisconsin before transferring to Pitt, where he’d play the opposite side to Tyler Boyd, and be in the same team as James Conner, playing infront of 40,000 spectators week in week out.

Credit; Riggo’s Rag

After an excellent college career, Garner went undrafted, but went on to sign with the Kansas City Chiefs.

After spells in Kansas, Cleveland, Buffalo and Denver, Garner signed for Washington, where he spent just over 2 years.

An ACL injury ruled him out of the 2018 season, and a year later he moved back to the Chiefs, however things didn’t work out.

Currently, Manasseh Garner is studying and coaching at East Central University, Oklahoma. He already has a bachelors degree in social science, and the future looks bright for the intelligent Garner.

What was your initial reaction when you realise you’d made it to the NFL?

My initial reaction was I’m here, and it’s time to work harder. I never felt like I made it, but now I’m done playing I look back and realise what a great accomplishment it actually was.

We hear many stories and rumours about rookies joining the team for the first time having to buy squad meals and sweets, is this true?😂

Yes, this is true. But it’s predictable that the rookies will have to do that now!

Best part of playing professional football?

I achieved and lived my dream! I also overcame the odds and made it to the NFL.

Player you’d have loved to play with?

Has to be Michael Vick! He was my favourite player when I was growing up.

Is Tom Brady the greatest of all time? If no, who is?

Tom Brady is great, but football is a game of puzzles! I would say Tom Brady is the greatest quarterback of all time, but it’s hard to say greatest player due to the amount of different positions.

Once again a massive thanks to Manasseh for taking the time to answer my questions!

It’s always a privilege to spend time talking to ex professional athletes, and I love seeing them go on to flourish even after football!

Check out Manasseh Garner on social media below!

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