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What PC games are we playing over lockdown?

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Ok so lockdown hits us, the world is well and truly on fire. Now I’m not going to delve into Covid. I profess I know not how we can rectify the world. I also know people are going through hell at the moment. However, a common theme keeps arising for all those stuck inside wondering what to do? So with that in mind, I’m here to talk about something simple. What PC games should we be playing over lockdown? 

Who would have thought that at the age of 26, I would have reverted back to being a 14-year-old teenager, staying indoors and playing “Call of Duty” till my eyes go square and my parents shout up the stairs it’s dinner time. 

Some may say that’s depressing, and well…they are right but what else can I do!? 

My life as being a hotshot high flying player with all the social status attached to those things has been thrown out the window. I can no longer be the super stud athlete I was pre lockdown…So let’s embrace this life, at least until we can get back to some kind of normality. 

Before I go any further I have to narrow the games market down a bit. I may cover board games, console games and other things later on. But for now, I’m going to walk you through 3 games I’m playing at the moment on PC. 


What PC games should we be playing over lockdown?

Ok so how many times have you heard “1v1” me on rust bro! By either some meathead who is insulted by a quick wit or a kid who’s fuming you’ve silenced their kill streak? There is a reason as to why it’s common phrase. People think highly of the combat system on rust, and it’s not really supposed to be an FPS, it’s a survival game! 

Dropped completely naked on the beaches of a random island, equipped with only a rock and torch. You can go out into the world, harvesting wood, stone and many other things to build your base. Kill a bear for food and clothes and eventually learn enough to craft some rare gear. 

What I like about this game is there are really no rules. Be the hero who helps out a naked fresh spawn or the tyrant who kills indiscriminately. The game is what you the player make of it. Survive, build, fight and thrive! Who knows you may make friends for life with people along the way!

image from wallpaperaccess.com/rust-game

League of legends

What PC games should we be playing over lockdown?

Ok anyone who has some kind of knowledge about gaming will have at least heard about this game. Even people who aren’t gamers might have done too, mainly for its huge reputation on the Esports platform. People form teams from around the world and battle on huge stages and stadiums to live audiences with MASSIVE cash prizes. 16-year-olds being paid thousands to play a video game sounds great right? 

So before you go racing off to try and get to the Pro status level, you need to actually start playing the game, what’s the objective?

10 players are put into 2 teams of 5v5, each player then selects a champion to fight as. Ranging from tanks, assassins to ranged and mages. You are then pitted against the other team in an attempt to destroy their towers and their main base when you do that. You win! 

It’s an extremely addictive game, especially for those who are highly competitive like me, however, be warned. The community can be…how do I say, extremely fucking toxic? Yeah, that’s a fair assessment. I’d suggest finding 4 other mates if you can and playing with them to limit the number of times people shout at you for “feeding” or calling you some rather rude names, especially if it’s your first few times playing it. The mute button is our friend!

image via riot games


What PC games should we be playing over lockdown?

Moving from one childish toxic community to maybe one of the best I’ve ever been in. Squad is a first-person shooter set in the current day with modern military equipment. Now that’s a common theme, right? Call of duty, battlefield. Yes but this is a war sim, with emphasis on teamwork and objectives to win the game. Rather than the classic run and gun arcade-style  “look at my KD!” 

The most important member of your team is your squad leader, you follow them, listen to them and hopefully, if they are any good, you will find yourself in cinematic heaven, winning game after game. 

The number of times you find yourself in the back of trucks looking into the sky to see fellow teammates in helicopters zooming past, friendly tanks firing shots into the distance as machine-gun fire deafens you. It really is very immersive.

So there you are, my assessments of the 3 games I’m playing at the moment, please do get in touch and tell us what games you are enjoying and we can cover them in future articles!

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