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Last Chance U: Basketball – Out Now!

Ahh your favourite Netflix series is back once again. Except the ball’s changed shape, and the turf has been swapped out for a hard court floor. It’s back, but not as we know it. Last Chance U: Basketball.

It’s been tradition to binge watch every series of the Emmy award winning Last Chance U as soon as it drops. As football fans, it gives us an insight into the less glamorous side of the game. The guys who made a wrong turn, or a mistake, grew up in a tough spot, had too much responsibility at a young age, not enough guidance and help, or simply just struggled, for whatever reason it might be. Many of those kids get a second chance at junior college, otherwise known as JUCO.

There’s something incredibly uplifting about seeing these kids graduate JUCO, and hearing about where they’re heading off to continue bettering themselves at the end of each series. At least, most of them that is. Fan favourites such as Ronald Ollie, and Dakota Allen, are names that have emerged from the series. As well as the crazy coaches we’ve met along the way.

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The latest edition takes us into the world of basketball. The Last Chance U team decided that they’d be flipping the series into a new sport after the last football series with Coach John Beam at Laney College, Oakland California.

So now we find ourselves in a real life Coach Carter type situation. And I can’t wait. Seeing the success stories and some of these young men growing and developing as just that in front of our eyes makes for a great series. I’ll have finished it by the end of the day I’m sure.

Last Chance U: Basketball – Out now on Netflix!

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