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3 Questions With… Simon Davies

Welcome back to my quickfire questions with former and current professional footballers! Thank you all for the support over the last few of these!

Today, we have ex Fulham, Tottenham and Everton midfielder Simon Davies joining us!

Not only did Davies make more than 400 appearances in the English leagues, he also amassed a grand total of 58 caps for the Welsh National Team.

Davies scored the first goal in Wales’ 2-1 win over giants Italy back in 2002, and has also scored in a Europa League semi final during his days at Craven Cottage.

After an illustrious career at the height of English football, Davies retired from the game in 2013. Another massively underrated player, I got to watch him many a time at Stamford Bridge, and what a fantastic footballer he was.

To the questions!

Growing up, did you ever collect any kind of trading cards or stickers?

Yes I did actually! Growing up I used to collect the World Cup stickers! My first ever collection was the 1986 World Cup in Mexico.

Have you ever owned a trading card of yourself?

I’ve never owned one, but I’ve seen a lot however! I’ve signed a few over the years!

Best part of being a professional footballer?

The fact that you are basically living your boyhood dream every day! What more could you ask for.

A huge thank you for Simon Davies for answering my questions and signing my cards.

Also a massive thank you to everyone who reads and support this series!

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