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Who should I support? NFL Edition

Right, Okay, picture this, you check out the Superbowl, watch the Tampa Bay Buccaneers beat the Chiefs and you think to yourself; this is the sport for me. Problem is, the season has just finished, so no more football. You pick up a copy of Madden for your games console and think to yourself, it is time to get acquainted with this beautiful sport in time for the season. You turn it on, and it asks you for your favourite team, what do you do? Do not worry, I have you covered!

There are many different types of teams in the NFL, you have the perennial contenders, the ultimate underdogs, the ones steeped in history, the new kids on the block and many many more. It is easy to over analyse your pick, but at the end of the day, once you grab your team it is all about you, no one gets to question once you pick it right? Wrong.

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So, let’s throw all those reasons out of the window and focus on picking you teams based purely on the more aesthetic things, the city, the team colours, and the team logos, right? Wrong again.

So then you cannot win? Well, no, because everyone has an opinion on who you should support, why you should support them and ultimately why your pick is wrong. I am here for you though, I am here to save you, so below is one reason why you should take each of the teams, purely subjective and 100% correct…

AFC Teams

AFC East

Buffalo Bills – Josh Allen + Stefon Diggs = Touchdowns! If you want to watch a game played in the air, then the Bills are the team for you. Oh and if you like jumping through tables for absolutely no reason too then you are home.

Miami Dolphins – How do you feel about old Jim Carrey Films? Oh and also ask Alex about the Tua Trade. The Dolphins have possibly the best (Biased) colour scheme in the league too.

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New England Patriots – Like being hated for winning? Because that is basically what it takes to be a Patriots fan. One bad season and everyone is on your back about the dynasty being over. Yet the 2000s were the greatest time to back New England.

New York Jets – Like being hated and also love losing? The New York Jets are a team who seem directionless. They have a new Head Coach and will pick 2nd overall in the 2021 draft, so hopefully time for some optimism.

AFC North

Baltimore Ravens – Are you ready to be asked how it feels to have a Running Back playing at Quarterback? If so, you get to support a team with an incredible player under centre but be ready for that.

Cincinnati Bengals – If you like Tigers, both in College and the NFL then have I got a team for you. Joe Burrow formally of the LSU Tigers and now with the Cincinnati Bengal(Tiger)s is last years number one pick. He looks great and this team is beginning their ascension.

Cleveland Browns – The underdogs even when they are winning. Cleveland love to play the us against the world card even when they are winning. Mayfield and co could win it all and still not be the favourites.

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Pittsburgh Steelers – If you were either an adult in the 1970s or born in the 70s, this might just be the team for you. The Steelers were the NFL kings in the 70s and you get to enjoy that legacy as their newest fan. Plus they are pretty good now, so it helps.

AFC South

Houston Texans – Are you ready to suffer? The Texans are falling apart at the seams at the moment, with their stars jumping off this sinking ship in rapid fashion. They will be back, but not anytime soon, so if DeShaun Watson leaves, then be ready to lose a lot of games.

Indianapolis Colts – A team who should be ready to contend, young and very good players all over the team, and just a Quarterback short of a Superbowl calibre outfit. Potential redemption in the name of Carson Wentz is coming to town too, so you could find immediate success here.

Jacksonville Jaguars – Welcome to the NFL Trevor Lawrence. Okay so to be fair, this has not actually happened yet, but it will and when it does, he is touted to be the best. Get your seats early on the Jacksonville Bandwagon, as it will get full pretty quickly.

Tennessee Titans – Very much the opposite of the Bills, do you like watching one giant man run over other giant men. Enjoy watching Derrick Henry redefine his position in the image of the King.

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AFC West

Denver Broncos – Willing to buy success? Then to Denver it is. They are the kings of building a team and then going after the big fish to complete the line-up. They did it with Peyton Manning and they are favourites to do it with DeShaun Watson.

Kansas City Chiefs – If you want to watch playoff football for the next 10 years, then jump on board with Kansas City. Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs are setup for serious success, and they have already shown they can win the big game.

Las Vegas Raiders – An angry fanbase at the best of times, the Raiders are very much the cool team to support. The Raiders have stamped their name all over pop culture and although they have moved to Las Vegas, the Silver and Black remains.

Image Credit – Raiders Wire – USA Today

Los Angeles Chargers – If you have an older, more popular brother, then the Chargers are the team for you. Playing out of LA with a young excellent Quarterback and still will not reach the popularity of their city rivals.

NFC Teams

NFC East

Dallas Cowboys – America’s team might be the worst nickname out there. Dallas owned the 90s in the NFL, which means they have a large following from their relatively recent domination. They have a very outspoken owner who loves to make a questionable decision too.

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New York Giants – Do you want to support a team in a big city, somewhere you and your friends can easily access for short breaks and not be hated for supporting the Jets. New York Giants it is then. Another big plus is you can show people you love the Madagascar movies without having to say the words.

Philadelphia Eagles – Do you pick you teams based on the films of Bradley Cooper? That or winning Superbowls with Quarterbacks not really equipped to win Superbowls? Then to Philly it is for you.

Washington Football Team – This is a team going through a transition into a new identity, it is honestly exciting, and I think it is a great team to get involved with.

NFC North

Chicago Bears – So let me put this to you, do you want to support a team who claim to have the best single season team in the history of the NFL (85 Bears) but be wrong about it? Cool then the Bears are a great pick. Plus they were pretty good in the 40s.

Detroit Lions – Well, where to begin here, a team cursed by Bobby Layne is still feeling the effects of that curse. He only said it would last for 50 years, however it seemingly will never stop. That and trading away your embattled franchise Quarterback makes for difficult supporting.

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Green Bay Packers – The Packers ran the 60s and have always felt like a contender, at least as far as I can remember. Always there or thereabouts. If you are fine with the phrase ‘close but no cigar’ defining your franchise, then the Packers are the team to support.

Minnesota Vikings – How do you feel about bright Purple? Yellow too? Well I have a treat in store. The Vikings have some excellent uniforms, however evening when the going is good, they somehow seem to finish 8-8.

NFC South

Atlanta Falcons – Are the type of person who leaves a game at halftime when your up by 17 points and is excited to here the score change to 28-3 before you turn off the radio. Well the Atlanta beckons.

Carolina Panthers – A team that feels mediocre most of the time. They are never the worst but cannot seem to be the best either. A few years ago their Quarterback Cam Newton changed football, but those days are gone and the rebuild is slow.

New Orleans Saints – A team about to go into the biggest rebuild ever in the NFL, New Orleans were a lock for the playoffs every year and those gold uniforms looked great in there, however the times they are a changing.

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Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Welcome to Tampa Bay, I hope your journey from New England was stress free…

NFC West

Arizona Cardinals – Most of the fans who support this team do so due to Larry Fitzgerald, let’s be honest. I support them for it, and I am pretty sure our entire staff do to, he is just the best.

Los Angeles Rams – The artists formally known as the Greatest Show on Turf are the best Defense in football. So if you are a fan of Defensive football then welcome. Coach Sean McVay is pretty good too.

San Francisco 49ers – Do you like the sun, the sea, bridges and being wrong about having the greatest Quarterback of all time? The 49ers have had some of the best teams in history and they are an extremely fun team to get acquainted with.

Seattle Seahawks – Okay, so you have been running the ball all night, you are going to win a Superbowl if you score. You are on the one-yard line, you have Marshawn Lynch on the field, what do you do? If you said run the ball, then please exit this team, and find yourself someone else to support.

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There you have it, definitive? Absolutely, objectively true? Not even slightly. To support a team you have to find a reason and that reason does not matter to anyone but you. There is no algorithm for finding the right team, it is a combination of the players, the city, the fans, the logos, the colours, and the history. Picking the team is a lifelong commitment and above are just some of the reasons why you should go for those teams. My advice is enjoying the process and fall in love with a team then supporting them can and will ruin your life…. Go Dolphins!

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