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Let’s close off this Tua vs Mac Jones Nonsense…

Around a week ago now, half the Dolphins fans turned on DeVonta Smith after he was quoted in a team interview picking Mac Jones over Tua. First of all, even asking the question in the first place is loaded, because either way you’re asking to get a story and affect the draft. And since this event, the media has prodded Jaylen Waddle on his opinion on the matter too.

Now at Undrafted, I have many times said, if we ever get the luxury to interview a premium athlete, you can bet your sweet rear we won’t be prodding them for stories that create clicks. The way these questions are forced upon these guys and then taken way out of context is humiliating. Especially the first time Jaylen Waddle got pushed by this question. He refused to answer it about 9 times. But they push and push.

I hate the main stream media for these reasons. This is nothing about my obvious bias towards Tua. It’s more to do with all these media outlets and then as a result of that, Dolphins fans taking these answers as gospel, and not the supportive team mate response that they actually represent.

Put yourself in this situation. You have two friends, friends you’ve shared a locker room with and worked closely with for several years, and both friends are very capable athletes. One of your two friends signed a contract last season for millions and millions of dollars. The other friend doesn’t currently make a penny. Your answer will only affect one friend, the friend who is currently earning zero dollars, and the answer you give could contribute towards swinging that number up or down by a few MILLION DOLLARS.

I wonder which of the two you’d suggest deserves to be noticed more…

They need to boost Mac Jones’ stock. They understand that, and you can bet Nick Saban encourages that kind of smart behaviour too. These are not off the cuff answers, I can promise you that.

Yet here we are, in the middle of a social media frenzy, where once again Tua is taking heat across the board, and I’m getting to the point where if he gets traded I’ll actually be happy for him, because maybe his new team will give him a fighting chance to succeed.

The headlines read, ‘Alabama football drama’, ‘Smith turns his back on Tua’, and ‘Alabama receivers betray their old team mate’.

It’s clickbait, it’s desperate, and it’s embarrassing that so many fans believe everything they read.

I mean, let’s just consider the stats… here’s Tua’s:

Two great years… and two consistently high ratings. While still in Alabama, there was a time where he was being talked about as the best college QB of all time. Of course the injury complications then came into play, yet he’s rehabbed and come back, and we’ve not seen the best of him yet.

Here’s Mac Jones’ numbers:

Less numbers, and only one year with a very high rating. Of course, he only really got one year as the starter, and played extremely well, that can’t be denied. But why did he only get one year as the starter? Because he never came close to taking Tuas job away from him. And you’ll argue “well in college you have to wait your turn Alex!! Come on now!!” Oh really? Like Tua did with Jalen Hurts. Got it.

But suddenly, the games don’t matter any more. The numbers don’t play a part. Nick Saban’s comments about Tua are forgotten, and the entire media circus and gullible fan base has settled the fates of the two QBs based on what the receivers have said while being poked and prodded by the media.

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Yes DeVonta Smith said in an interview that Mac Jones is his preferred choice. Then (the first time) Jaylen Waddle was also embarrassingly prodded, he declined to answer, saying he loved all of his guys. Of course, the media didn’t give up on that, as they didn’t get their story from it. So they prodded again, and eventually, Waddle too decided on Jones. His answer was more focused around the fact that they came into college together, and trained together on the 3rd team.

This is media intelligence. Imagine coming out and saying Tua is the better quarterback after he struggled in his first season… what does that then say about Mac Jones? You could cost a team mate millions of dollars by making an insensitive comment.

And the most dumb thing about it, is guess who cares the least about these comments. Tua. Tua know’s what up. Tua won’t care. Tua will understand what’s going on. And if you asked him he’d probably say Mac Jones is the better quarterback too. Because that’s the right thing to do as a team mate. And Tua’s a good dude, who’s been nothing but disrespected since he came back from his injury.

In fact, check this out. Tua himself is doing his bit to hype up Mac Jones. Of course he is…

Do we really believe that the greatest moment in DeVonta Smith’s career so far, catching that pass as a freshman, which walked off the National Championship game, and won Alabama the title, isn’t embedded in his mind for the rest of his life. And who threw him that pass? Tua will absolutely mean something to Smith. But he’s doing the right thing by his team mate. And even if he genuinely believes that Mac Jones is the better QB, why does that mean we have to panic about Tua?

It’s moronic, impatient, and I’m so tired of seeing it. Give the guy a full season, with an actual pre season to prepare, some ACTUAL weapons to throw to, a coordinator that believes in him… and a running game, and let’s see what he can do then.

Some of you have never had strong relationships with team mates and experienced the feeling of ‘I’ll do anything for the guy next to me’, and it shows. Understand what’s really going on, and for the holy lord’s sake stop boycotting receivers because they’re being forced to answer the media’s dribble.

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