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Why Zach Wilson is the next Patrick Mahomes

Patrick Mahomes is trending towards the best player of all time… so to compare him to Zach Wilson? Well that may seem a stretch but hear me out. At BYU, Wilson has shown flashes of what Mahomes showed at Texas Tech, and in my opinion Wilson is the second best quarterback in this years draft after Trevor Lawrence. He’s got a temendous upside and has the potential to be one of the league’s best in a few years time. In 2020 The BYU star threw for 33 touchdowns and only threw 3 interceptions, and let’s keep in mind he was doing this with below average receivers.


This is where Wilson shines, as he is still able to make something happen even if the play has broken down. There are Quarterbacks who struggle as soon as either their first target is not open or they face heavy pressure. A perfect example of this would be Jared Goff. Zach Wilson is able to comfortably step up in the pocket and keep his eyes downfield and find a receiver just like Patrick Mahomes does. Wilson is also able to escape the pocket if it starts to collapse, in order to extend the play. This type of quarterback play is becoming much more desired in the NFL as it begins to transition to a faster game, and more mobile quarterbacks. That being said, he is also able to stand in the pocket and make throws with pressure in his face. Although he is excellent outside the pocket, he will only begin to get outside and improvise if he has to. It represents great pocket awareness, which NFL teams will love.

Arm Strength

To put it simply Zach Wilson has a cannon of an arm. He’s shown it time and time again. Although watching Wilson’s tape it may seem that he has a tendency to under throw the ball. However I think this happens when he overthinks the throw. Some people may think that this is playing scared, yet I would disagree with this. But if i were to be critical, he is sometimes a little too conservative. Zach Wilson and Patrick Mahomes both have the ability to change their throwing motion, and this is something that drastically helps them to fit the ball in places where only the receiver has the opportunity to make the catch. Seeing these unorthodox types of throws from Mahomes has quickly become a highlight reel in the NFL, and Zach Wilson might be next.

Watch some Zach Wilson highlights here !


Wilson does sometimes struggle with accuracy however the majority of the time he throws with great anticipation in the pocket or on the move. In fact I feel that Wilson is one of the few quarterbacks who throw better while on the run rather than standing still. This is one of the areas where Wilson needs to improve somewhat as sometimes deep down field the ball is either under thrown or slightly inaccurate. I think he becomes more inaccurate the harder he tries to throw the football, and with such natural arm strength I think he should trust it more.


Wilson does have the ability to run a read option or two, again similar to Mahomes. He’ll also find the end zone with his legs in a similar fashion to Josh Allen. When Wilson gets scrambling he doesn’t always slide which can be a pro and a con as of course, it can help gain the offence some extra yards. But then of course the unnecessary hits could lead to him picking up an injury. This is something Wilson has to work on as at the next level, as he will not be able to withstand so many hits from guys who are bigger, stronger and faster in the league.

Where will he end up?

Most people can agree that Trevor Lawrence will be drafted by the Jags at number one, so that then leaves the jets at number two with their pick of the rest of the available talent. Personally, I think the Jets have to trade Darnold, and draft Wilson with the second pick in the draft to kick start their franchise. In my opinion Wilson clearly has the ability to lead a franchise. That being said, it would also not shock me if the Jets went a different route, with all the options they have available. The Dolphins then hold the third pick and they don’t need a QB… so who else might be an option?

Check out this mock draft to see where Wilson could go !

Realistically the Falcons would be a perfect landing spot for Wilson as allowing him to sit behind Matt Ryan for a year would be perfect for his development. This will allow the Falcons to cut Matt Ryan in 2022 and allow Wilson to take over.

Zach Wilson would be perfect in a vertical style offence which is exactly what Arthur Smith likes to run. The young QB also has the ability to successfully run play action which was Smiths’ entire offence at Tennessee. This fit sounds almost perfect.

Let us know where you think Zach Wilson would be best suited in the NFL?

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