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Booze Review – Brewdog Clockwork Tangerine

Undrafted takes it’s first dive into the Brewdog scene this week, and here’s what we thought of this vibrant canister of bubbles…

Purchased from Tesco – £5.00 for a pack of four 330ml cans. 4.5% Alc


BrewDog clockwork Tangerine

4.5% alcohol

I was again worried with this one, the description and packaging lead me to think it would be a little too fruity for my liking but I was pleasantly surprised.

It was a delightful dark golden colour. It smelt very orangery which was a worry but the taste didn’t disappoint… it packed a light ale flavour with orangery citrus undertones, The aftertaste was a bit bitter but overall It was a pleasant IPA.

I would definitely have again and leaves me keen to see what else BrewDog offer.



Next up, our first BrewDog review brings us the expertly named Clockwork Tangerine IPA – A clever little rename of the 1971 Stanley Kubrick classic.

As expected, this IPA boasts a much deeper orange colour with a hint of citrus oranges mixed to it. This is further repeated with the taste, which provides a much more enhanced touch of tangy tangerines that leaves a satisfying aftertaste.

Overall, a solid IPA which does well to steer to the ale side than it does on the side of a fruity cider.


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Sorry fellas but I’m going to bring the score down on this one. Simply couldn’t drink it.

I will point out that I didn’t clock the pointer towards Stanley Kubrick. Well noted Kyle sir.

I got excited when I saw the tangerine label, and being a fruit & alcohol combo lover, thought this might have walked right up my street and knocked on the front door. However what I was instead met with, was a bland taste, followed by an after taste of nightmares.

This one really wasn’t for me. I could get a very slight feel for the tangerine-ness every now and then, but the overpowering throat burn of bitter ‘beery’ flavour sent this one down the drain. I think maybe it’s hops, or something of the sort, but just an IPA too strong for my fruity sensitive taste buds. I totally understand why these two enjoyed it more than I did, as I am of course, the feeblest of beer drinkers. Not enough strawberry daquiri for me, as Kyle would say.

Like a disappointed lover. Did not finish.


Overall Average Score: 5.3/10

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