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What does Odell do?

Odell Beckham Jr will make his return next season after suffering a torn ACL in 2020. But which uniform will he be suiting up in?

Rise to Fame

Odell Beckham jr. has been without a doubt one of the league’s most exciting players since he was drafted by the New York giants with the 14th pick in 2014 draft. In Odell’s first 3 seasons he was without question top 3 at his position, putting up 1300 yards in each season. This included his rookie year in which he only played 12 games, After Odell’s multiple one-handed catches, and being the only player with at least 80 receptions and 1000 yards in their first 3 seasons… not only Giants’ fans, but the NFL knew they had the next superstar on their hands!

While In the 2017 offseason he was on the road to being the greatest receiver of all time. An injury plagued year in which he only played 4 games would be lacklustre to say the least. Beckham returned in 2018 putting up 1052 yards, while still only being able to play in 12 games.

Getting Traded

Even though the Giants signed the star to a 5-year contract worth 90 million dollars, it became clear that a change was needed. Step in the Cleveland Browns who traded safety Jabrill peppers plus a first and a third-round pick for the star to prove stars can work out in Cleveland too. He’d be reunited with Jarvis Landry, his best friend in college, and the stage was set. Odell’s first season with second year Quarterback Baker Mayfield he put up 1035 yards. once again clearing the 1000 yard season mark, however year 2 in Cleveland didn’t quite go to plan. It can’t be ignored that the stats show Baker Mayfield was simply better without Odell.

There’s no denying the 28 year old is a talented receiver and can be a huge playmaker for a team. However adding Odell Beckham to the Browns run heavy offense hasn’t worked out. When they do pass, there was a sense that Baker feels pressured into throwing him the ball. This season Odell had 23 catches in 7 games, to put this into perspective in 2017, with the Giants, Odell had 25 in 4. His torn ACL was caused under unfortunate circumstances when he chased down Bengal’s defensive back Darious Phillips. Mayfield had thrown a low pass to Odell when he was simply not even close to open, and Odell was charging back to make a tackle on the return. In my opinion this is the reason the Browns must trade Odell because he simply does not fit the system.

Does he stay? Does he go?

It makes sense for the Browns to find a trade partner as it helps from a financial point of view. Since the 28-year-old is coming off an ACL tear his trade value would probably be around a second-round pick plus maybe 1-2 mid round picks.

This has to be worth the risk for teams as he is still in my opinion one of the top receivers in the league. He played the entire 2019 season with a hernia and I don’t know about you guys but that sounds like a tough player to me! I think he has been unlucky with injuries rather than he is injury prone. Since OBJ is 28 now, you would imagine he would want to be somewhere that he can push for a Superbowl ring. Now where does Odell go?

There’s a few teams that come to mind most notably, the Buccaneers, Washington, New England or even the Packers. Although there is also a possibility of Odell staying and trying to make it work in Cleveland. After a shock win against the steelers in the postseason the browns could be considered contenders, or it could be those same old Browns…

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

One of the teams that has been linked with a trade for Odell Beckham is the Superbowl champs the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Brady and Odell have expressed a desire to eventually play together at some point. This trade all depends on what happens with Chris Godwin’s contract as he is yet to be resigned. Godwin will be able to go elsewhere and be paid as an out and out number one receiver. The talented receiver may be willing to return to the Bucs for slightly less money in order to push for back-to-back Super Bowls.

In my opinion, Odell would be a big upgrade on Godwin. Brady is used to bringing receivers in and showing them that winning is the most important thing. This helps players put the team ahead of themselves, for example look at Antonio Brown or Randy Moss or even Chad Johnson.

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Likeliness – 6/10


Another team that could potentially be linked to OBJ would be Washington. In my opinion this one isn’t as likely to happen due to quarterback situation taking priority. Alex Smith, despite the incredible comeback story, isn’t the guy to consistently take them to the playoffs for years to come. However Odell and Terry McLaurin would make one of the best wide receiver tandems in the league. Washington could potentially trade Ryan Kerrigan as something to sweeten the deal with the Browns. Beckham must go somewhere with an established quarterback which is why I think the Buccaneers are a likely landing spot.

Likeliness – 3/10

Green Bay Packers

Aaron Rodgers, Davante Adams and OBJ, now that would be insane. After Green Bay refusing to draft Rodgers any significant weapons last off season, trading for OBJ to go alongside Adams would be an unbelievable turnaround. Defences simply wouldn’t be able to handle two of the league’s best receivers on the field at the same time. I think this could help push the Packers to winning the Superbowl. Plus doing this would allow them to focus on defence in the draft, which is going to be key.

Likeliness -4 .5/10

New England Patriots

(Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images)

After a difficult season for Cam Newton how could New England help the former league MVP? Giving them Odell could make that offence very good. Odell has been seen before working out with Newton and N’keal Harry. The support of Odell could also prevent Harry from being a complete bust as he has had a disappointing start to his career to say the least. Also, with news that Stephon Gilmore could potentially be traded and the Browns needing help in the secondary. could we potentially see Odell exchanged with Gilmore with some picks involved?


What do you think Odell should do? Let us know!

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