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W.A.R on V.A.R

Video Assistant Referee aka VAR. Something brought into the beautiful game to try and erase refereeing errors, and make the game less controversial. However it’s done the complete opposite.

One of the main arguments about bring the use of VAR into football, was the way it works in other sports, such as rugby and American Football. However this isn’t either of those sports. This is the fast paced, working mans game of football. We didn’t need an interfering referee sitting in front of a load of screens, pretending they know exactly what they are doing, when in actual fact they don’t. The delays, lines, poor decisions, and so on are killing the beautiful game.


Let’s not beat around the bush. The stupid lines do not work. They’re often misaligned, from incorrect angles, and the parts of the body considered offside, you can’t actually score with.

Credit; Premier League

I’m not sure how someone can be offside due to their elbow? Last time I checked, if you scored with your elbow, that’s handball?

So why is it acceptable for this part of the body to be considered offside? Why is an armpit offside? Are these really the sort of issues VAR was brought in to iron out?


The reason VAR was inherited to our game, was to correct clear and obvious refereeing errors. These are clearly not refereeing errors, and in fact just a part of life. For hundreds of years, football has been played professionally without VAR, and it’s the most popular sport in the world. Why change something that isn’t broken?

Did referees make mistakes? Of course. But this was just part and parcel of the game. We were used to this. In fact, part of discussing the weekend’s games was bringing up the poor decisions that were made.

So with VAR, you’d hope that these errors were gone, right?


In fact, there are actually MORE balls ups WITH VAR.

Every game there seems to be an argument about the wonky lines, or a dodgy penalty decision. After spending millions of pounds on this new amazing technology, it’s actually got worse.

The FA Cup & VAR…

The FA Cup has been around for 150 years. The most prestigious cup in the world. How to ruin it?

Bring in VAR.

For me, this is the most ridiculous part of VAR. During FA Cup games where the Premier League sides are at home, VAR is in use. However, any games played at the homes of non Premier League sides will not be using VAR.

How does this possibly make sense? One rule for one, and another rule for the others? How can you possibly do this in a fair way?

We saw last week, where Barnsley should’ve conceded at least one, if not two penalties to Chelsea. If that was at Stamford Bridge instead of Oakwell, VAR would’ve come into play and the decision reversed.

VAR should be booted from The FA Cup. Make it a level playing field. You simply cannot pick and choose when you have VAR. Either all stadiums need to have it, or none at all. However due to the sheer amount of sides in the cup, it would be impossible to fit VAR at every club. This leaves no option but to scrap it.

Scrap It?

Talking about scrapping VAR in the FA Cup, let’s just get rid of it altogether. It’s rubbish. It doesn’t work, and it spoils the game.

Before VAR, you’d see the ball hit the net and celebrate. You’d be ecstatic. Same with a red card. You’d be raging at the decision or laughing at the opponent while they trudge off the pitch.

But thanks to VAR, the soul has well and truly been sucked out of the game. Before you celebrate you have to ensure the man in front of the TV says it’s fine. You literally have to sit and wait for him to allow you to celebrate. By the time you find out the goal is given, the moment is gone.

The game that was made thanks to working class blokes and working class fans, is slipping away one pathetic decision at a time. The inclusion of VAR is just another nail in the coffin for football and it’s loving fans.

Another disgraceful part of VAR, is the fact the linesmen have to wait for the attack to play out before flagging for an offside. Now these can be yards offside, yet they still have to wait?


I do understand when it’s his nostril that could be offside, but when it’s a matter of yards, just put the flag up will you.


Well, there is no real debate in my opinion.

I hate VAR. The likelihood is, most of you reading this hate it.



We want our football back.

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