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Booze Review – Hiver Blonde Beer

Okay next up we have this blonde beer from Hiver. A beer that saves the bees, love to see it. Here are the boys reviews!

£2.00 per bottle. Picked up in Sainsburys! Alc vol 4.5%


Just like Super Bowl 55, Hiver’s blonde beer was pretty mediocre. That doesn’t mean to say that I didn’t enjoy it’s different aroma which certainly grew on me as I worked my way through the bottle but it failed to stand out as much as I expected, given that this Hiver beer boasts a unique brewing ingredient; Honey.

The problem however…..I couldn’t taste any honey.

Overall, certainly not a session beer, but it did succeed in bringing something different to the table…whatever that was. Whilst I enjoyed it, I won’t be picking one of these up from my local supermarket each week.



Hiver Blonde Beer

This one was ok, didn’t blow me away but equally didn’t suck.

It had a dry honey taste, it was light and easy to drink but something was missing, unlike me it didn’t pack that punch.

Would I go out my way to drink it again? Probably not. If I run out of Heinekens and it’s sitting in the back of the fridge is it getting drunk ? Yes, not reluctantly nor a pleasant surprise it’s just getting drunk.

I don’t have much else to say about this one.



So I’m pretty sure I’ve never had a blonde beer before in my life. But blonde has always been my type and maybe that is to transition into my beer drinking scene.

I feel like I might have found a sweet spot here. Pleasantly surprised. I appreciate the eye catching label. And when the lid came off and I didn’t get the fruity aroma I was ready to be let down. I need a touch of fruit to enlighten my taste buds typically. But this blonde number is an exception to the rule. Key word? Smooth. No hops bollocks. Just smooth sailing. No cruddy after taste.

For a lighter tipple, and if you’re a traditional dude that doesn’t want fruit in his beer, grab one of these. I’d happily make my way through a few of these hivers because I didn’t drink one and feel like I could burp bubbles for a month. 

Would recommend. This is a 7.1 for me. I’d be keen to indulge again. Plus, Hiver blonde beer does their bit for the bees. Everybody wins.

You can find that link here!


Hiver Blonde Beer –

Overall Average Score: 5.93/10

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