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Colts Trade for Carson Wentz

The news broke, more QB trades, had to jump on it ASAP. So here we go. Carson Wentz is on his way to Indianapolis. In doing so, he’ll be reuniting with former offensive coordinator in Philly, Frank Reich. Of course, Reich is now the head coach in Indy, and has done a great job with his roster so far. Bringing Wentz in as the new starter could be a huge move for the Colts, so let’s take a look.

The trade is as follows:

Indy receives: Carson Wentz

Philly receives: A 2021 third round pick, and a 2022 conditional second round pick, that could turn into a first. If Carson Wentz playtime hits 75%, that 2022 pick will become a first rounder. An interesting trade, and what seems like solid value for both parties.

What even happened to Wentz?

This season he just looked a million miles away. Poor decision making, holding the ball too long, fumbling issues, and a total disconnect with his team mates. it looked ugly, and with Jalen Hurts being drafted in the second round, the questions of whether we would see Hurts or not started to fly around as soon as Wentz began the season poorly.

He just hasn’t looked like the pro bowl, Super Bowl run quarterback that he did during that one season, where he did all the work all season long, only for Nick Foles to finish it off. Carson Wentz does of course have a Superbowl ring, however would you count it? If you were him? Certainly a tough debate, but it’s got to have a bit of a sting to it right?

A fresh start in Indy

So just a couple of weeks after his former first round top two quarterback buddy Jared Goff gets move off to a new team, Wentz is also on the move. For Wentz, he gets a new opportunity in Indy and the difference here, is that this Indianapolis roster he’s inheriting, is a contender. Both the Rams, and the Colts, have playoff calibre rosters on both the offence and the defence, and both now have the final missing piece.

The question is whether Wentz can get it done or not. Make no mistake about it, if he can’t get it rocking here, then he’s going to struggle anywhere else. The scenario is perfect. He gets a coach he knows well and has had success with. He gets a very very strong offensive line. He gets young, keen, talented weapons in the likes of Jonathan Taylor, Nyheim Hines, Michael Pittman Jr, Zach Pascal etc. TY Hilton is a free agent but they’ll be even better equipped if he stays. He gets a very well embedded running game. He gets one of the best defences in the league, and he gets a team with cap space that can add more talent in the off season.

(Photo by Joe Sargent/Getty Images)

It’s crazy to think that the one and two picks in the 2016 draft have both been traded to other teams, having both been to the Superbowl already. It sure is a crazy business. Wentz lands in a far prettier situation than Jared Goff does, and I’m going to make a bold prediction and say that Carson Wentz is going to make a full comeback and the Colts are going to be right there in the deep playoffs. Yup, it’s bounceback szn for CARSON WENTZ BABY.

I’m saying 12-4 and that we’ll see the Colts in the Conference Championship. Book it!

Philly deal?

So what does it mean for Philadelphia? Does it make the Eagles a player for a quarterback in the draft? I will take a look at this and let you know in the next couple of days, as I think this requires a piece of it’s own to break it down. But you can’t now rule the Eagles out of a potential draft pick at the position. The Eagles currently hold the number six pick in the draft, and could be positioned to grab the third or fourth QB available in the first round. Or perhaps trade back, accumulate a couple more weapons for Jalen Hurts and give him the reins for the season? Then also draft a QB in the second round such as Kyle Trask? or slightly later in Ian Book? They’ve got an additional third round pick to spend too now, and I’d like to see them consider spending a little money on talent/offensive line in free agency too.

Personally I’d like to see the Eagles give Jalen Hurts the best chance possible to prove himself as the starter in this team. Go and get him Kyle Pitts, or Devonta Smith, and see how well he fares. Miles Sanders is a very good back, so they have a strong piece there too. They need to solidify the line, rework the playbook to tailor it to Jalen’s ability, and see how it plays out. But I wouldn’t rule Philly out for taking a quarterback somewhere in this years draft.

As for the Colts, Jacob Eason, who was drafted last season in the 4th round, could still be a viable option for the Colts long term. If Wentz doesn’t work out, Eason will be working away in the background and continuing to improve. A year learning from Philip Rivers would have been great for his development and he now has another chance to keep growing as a mid round prospect.

The Colts are a very very good team. They’ve drafted very well, and their time is coming. Come on Carson, get back to your best. The league would benefit from it greatly.

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