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JJ Watt released by Texans, now a free agent

JJ Watt has been released by the Houston Texans, after 10 seasons with the team. Watt has been one of the main faces of the franchise and given everything he had to the city of Houston, not only on the field, but also during times of difficulty. He helped to raise over $37 million dollars during hurricane harvey, and was recognised as Walter Payton man of the year for his efforts. He is also the founder and president of the Justin J. Watt foundation, which helps to provide after school activities in a safe environment for children.

Just to pull up a few of his stats. He’s been defensive player of the year three times. He’s a 5x pro bowler. He’s led the league in sacks on two occasions, and is part of the illustrious 100 sacks club. He leaves Houston a very well decorated professional. JJ Watt has had one hell of a career so far, and he’s not done yet. As noted in his video, he requested to be released, and has been granted his wish.

The Texans could have got themselves some draft capital in return for JJ Watt, who will be an asset for any team looking to challenge for a Super Bowl. Instead of taking the capital they could have gathered, they’ve handled it in a way that is respectful to JJ Watt, and shows the respect he deserves for everything he’s given to the city of Houston.

What comes next for JJ Watt? Well he’s now a free agent and can agree a deal and sign wherever he wants. I’d love to see him make his way onto a contenders roster. One thing I will note, is that he grew up in Wisconsin, and went to college in Wisconsin, and wouldn’t it just be nice if he closed off a hall of fame career with a couple of years back home… Look out Green Bay… JJ is on the loose.

Meanwhile, the Houston Texans continue with a total overhaul.

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