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Undrafted – An Honest Update v.3

We’ve had ourselves quite the last few weeks at Undrafted, between us in the team and all of you the community. I wanted to share another update with you post sports card convention, so will just go over a few pieces of work we’ve got going on in the background, and talk some of our plans going forward.

Sports Card Convention

Honestly, what a night we had. The thing is though, I know we could do better. With COVID still floating around and the fact that i’m not a tech wizard by any stretch, we decided to keep it fairly simple and treat our first event as a trial run almost. Let’s make sure we can offer value to people and give them a reason to spend three hours with us. We got some amazing feedback on it, and yes we were very happy with the results. Giving away over £700 worth of cards, prizes and break credit is something we’re fortunate to be in a position to do. It was a privilege to spend the evening with the community we’ve all created together. We had a laugh, talked about some upcoming projects, opened a tonne of product, and all round had ourselves a great time.

Grateful for the love during the convention!

But. We can and will do a lot better. The motivation we have here at Undrafted is unstoppable. We have our purpose to push this thing forward, each and every one of us. I was on cloud nine on Friday night. Loving life. I was super proud of the fact that we said a couple of months ago, “let’s run a sports card virtual convention”. It seemed like a fairly elaborate idea at the time, but we did it. That’s a green light, as Matthew McConaughey would say. It tells me that we should continue to be ambitious and continue to break down barriers when it comes to the things we want to do with our business. So we will. The best thing about it, is that on Saturday morning, the convention was behind us. Instead of getting comfortable with what we’d achieved the night before, we were on the phone saturday morning, and the conversation went a little something like… “What do we do next?”.

What’s the next thing we can do that’ll break down another barrier and allow us to continue to build, scale and improve. How can we continue to offer more value to our community? How can we continue to help the sports card hobby and the American sports industry itself grow here in the UK and in Europe? What’s our next move? We have some ideas, i’ll talk about a few, don’t want to reveal all of our secrets too soon do i!

Before I get into that though, I just want to say a huge thank you to everybody who attended the convention, caught some of it, or watched it afterwards. It was our absolute pleasure to spend it with you, I had a great time, and had an enormous smile on my face afterwards as I poured myself a gin. Of course, next year, we plan to go even bigger, even better, and really put on a show, at a live event. So stick around!

Draft Content & Off Season

With the Super Bowl now over (congrats to Tom Brady ((again)), and the Tampa Bay Bucs), it’s time to look to the off season.

The team has already been working hard on mock drafts, player profiles, and draft/offseason scenarios, which is something we will now ramp up in the coming months before the draft itself. It’s set to be a wild off season, and we’ll have you covered. We might not have the man power to cover everything, not yet anyway, but we’ll work our tails off I can guarantee you that.

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The aim is to complete 50 player profiles before the draft, so you can read all about the top prospects, and have the knowledge and understanding that I love to have as draft night approaches. It’s like Christmas for me. I love it. I watch ‘Draft Day’ on the night, every year, like reading ‘The night before Christmas’ on Christmas Eve. It’s tradition, and I want to share that passion for the draft with all of you.

Feb 25, 2020; Indianapolis, Indiana, USA; Alabama quarterback Tua Tagovailoa (QB17) speaks to the media during the 2020 NFL Combine in the Indianapolis Convention Center. Mandatory Credit: Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

There’s so much to take away from it. The lives of these young men change forever on draft night, and so does the make up of their franchises, as a new class of rookies gets on board. Mock draft scenarios, profiles, speculation, and plenty of talk during the podcasts. We’ll continue to outwork everybody in our field as we aim to become as heavily involved in the UK scene as possible, and then we’ll take on the world.

I won’t go totally off course, but this journey gives me a sense of fulfilment I can’t even describe. We have to do a lot of admin, a lot of research, and some things that come with running a network aren’t all that exciting. But even the mundane tasks I love, because each and every tick on a to do list, and everything we complete, means we’re moving in the right direction and growing.

Post Draft/Summer?

Once the draft passes, the NFL goes quiet. Until summer camps start again, and the preseason rolls back around, it all goes a little bit hush hush. So at Undrafted we’re thinking about how we can bring things to live during what’s typically a quiet time of year with the sport we all love. So we’re getting our heads together and starting to think about it as a team.

Something we’re considering is filling the void of the off season with virtual sports. A virtual NFL season or a knockout tournament with Madden maybe. However we can include the most people, keep everybody engaged, and continue to share content with our community. It’ll be interesting to see if this kind of thing is popular with you guys, so please let us know!

We could run tournaments on madden, 32 teams. Knockout style, 32 madden players. And then those not playing could choose their allegiance to one of the 32 competitors and his team, and follow the tournament that way. We could then branch these out into FIFA tournaments, or UFC tournaments. It opens up a whole new world of opportunity for us to host and share content, and do the commentary for the events ourselves. This might then develop further into E-sports. Or hosting an in person event. We are going to continue to be incredibly ambitious. Push boundaries. Not everything we do will work. That’s one of the most important lessons I’ve understood. But some things will go way better than you expect too. It works both ways. So we’ll try everything.

Graphics & Branding Upgrade. The plan for the gram?

Our graphic designer, who you can find here, is spending the next few days giving our brand a total uplift. A wider brand, that spreads across our whole business. Logo upgrades, website touch ups and most importantly, an entire branded design concept for our instagram page. This means branded posts, every week, to coincide with the content on our website. This is going to propel us forward and give us a much more powerful presence on socials, which is something we’ve been working on. Our social footprint is currently not where we want it to be. We’re not utilising the platforms properly. So as a business we decided to start with Instagram.

Over the coming days you’ll see our brand new wickedly branded content start to flow onto instagram. We will also be running a weekly Q&A over there, allowing us to interact with the community, take questions, and talk football. It’ll be like a miniature live podcast each week, where we can bring up the trending topics and go over them together. So look out for that, and if you’re not following us on insta yet, hit the link above and jump on board. We’re about to raise the damn roof. Keep your eyes peeled.


We’re going to work our tails off so we can have more experiences like this one. Taken from opening night, Monday night football, Saints vs Texans. September 2019. An unreal experience. If you don’t believe me… watch the end of the highlights… say the last four minutes or so. You wouldn’t believe the noise inside that dome.

Nothing feels like work when you’re doing something you love every day. One of the most used phrases in my head and in our Undrafted group chat is simply ‘Let’s get better than we were yesterday’. It doesn’t matter if that’s simply completing some admin in the background, writing a new post, taking on a new challenge, meeting some new people and inviting them to the community. We will continue to outwork ourselves and everybody else in the game. If they’re behind you, don’t let them catch you, and if they’re ahead of you, make damn sure you catch them.

As always, thank you for every showing of support. A like, a comment, a spot in a break, a podcast you listen to, telling a friend, sending us a message. We appreciate it. We couldn’t do any of this without you guys. I can only ask humbly that you continue to support us, and in return I myself, and the whole team, will continue to give everything we have to this community.

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