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An Interview With… Marc-Antoine Fortuné

Marc-Antoine Fortuné was born in Cayenne, the capital of French Guiana. As a child growing up, Fortune had a passion for both basketball and football. He had to make a choice on what sport to pursue going forward. He chose the correct one.

Starting his career at Angoulême, in the French lower leagues, Fortune continued his career moving to numerous high profile clubs. These included; Lille, Utrecht, West Brom, Celtic, and Wigan Athletic.

A prolific striker around the globe, Fortune was consistent for every side he signed with. He made over 500 total club appearances, scoring 103 goals during his professional career.

Have you ever been starstruck when meeting, or facing another professional? If so who?

Good question. When you are growing up, you look at footballers like gods. Then all of a sudden you’re one of them and lining up against them in a match! I never really thought of it as being starstruck, but instead I was proud when I met Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi. I’m proud because I can always look back at those moments and see how far I came, meeting such legends of the game!

Did you ever have any superstitions before playing a match?

I always wear a ring that my dad gave me when I left my country of birth to play football in France. I also believed if I put my left boot on first, I would play well haha! And finally I would pray once I got on the pitch.

The most talented player you have ever exchanged shirts with? And how do you go about asking?

I actually exchanged shirts with CR7 once! We were playing against Manchester United and I was playing well, so I had the confidence to ask him at half time! I didn’t want to wait until full time! I asked him and he accepted, I think it was because I was playing well!!

Finally, what style of football influenced you growing up?

Definitely Brazil! I was born in French Guiana which is very close to Brazil, so there was a big Brazilian community near my house. I grew up watching Brazilian football on tv and playing football with my Brazilian friends. I think this is what helped me make it to the highest level.

A massive thank you to Marc-Antoine Fortune for allowing me to ask these questions to him!

You can find Marc-Antoine on social media using the links below!

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