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Booze Review – Tiny Rebel Cali Pale

Next up we’ve got the Cali Pale from Tiny Rebel! A rather healthy review incoming…

Purchased from Sainsburys £2.00 per can. Alc 5.0 vol


The FRUITIEST smell. Could sniff the can all day.

This is more up my street. No over powering taste of ‘hops’ or whatever. It’s got a fruity tone to it, and I feel it matches the can perfectly. Tropical vibe. Enjoyable and light. I’d recommend this one. 

Great for a lunchtime thirst quencher on a hot day, could see myself sinking a few of these little rascals. A cold glass and the sun on your face. 

Think the names great, the branding also great. Fits the contents perfectly. I like that the tropical undertone to it comes through subtly. All around a good experience and one I’d be a custom to indulging in should somebody pass me another Cali Pale 

Strong score. 7.8/10


Three ale’s in and I’m ready to crown Tiny Rebel’s ‘Cali’ the best Pale Ale we’ve tried at Undraughted and yess I am aware that it is a pretty easy statement to make at this point.

However, the combination of tropical fruits and hops from across the West Coast of America perfectly brewed together into a slightly arousing small can was able to transport me, albeit temporarily, away from a cold dark British night and drop me onto a warm beach, speedos well and truly on and surrounded by sunshine and palm trees. Now what’s not to like about that….


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Juicy Juicy Juicy Mango

A lovely light pale ale, had a nice kick to it with a piney mango after taste.

I was surprised with this one, my first impressions from the packaging was that it was going to be similar to the wild beer quantic and a bit too fruity for my liking but it wasn’t.

Would I order it in a pub? No, The fruity can would damage my reputation amongst my peers. I would however drink this happily again in the comfort of my living room.


Overall Average Score: 7.4/10

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