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EA Sports College Football!


HOLY CRAP. Tom’s just sent me the news and naturally I had to jump on and write an article to give my immediate reactions to this absolutely tremendous news.

I’ve had this dream many times. Today it’s real. I could cry, maybe i’ll call my parents. I’m ordering expensive champagne.

NCAA 14 was the last college football game to air on console, and people are still playing it religiously now because IT’S ALL WE HAVE. You can fetch a pretty penny for the disc too as people are frantically racing around trying to get their college football fix. But they’re bringing it back, it’s real, it’s not a scam, at least I think it’s not. It’s been tweeted out by all the major pages, Sports Center, Bleacher Report etc etc

I would imagine this will be fully licensed, and may have something to do with the fact that college athletes can now begin to benefit from their likenesses, which was a core issue with the previous versions.

This is the only information we have right now, literally just this image teaser from EA, but my god am I excited. This is EVERYTHING we could possibly want. It means we can take our favourite college football team, recruit, build a squad, play college football teams around the country, compete, make the natty, win the natty. I cannot wait. This is my time to shine. I’m so excited.

Hours will be lost. Championships will be won.

You best believe the Gators and I are going to take ourselves to 10 National Championships in a row and knock Nick Saban off his pretty perch as the greatest to ever do it. Man, let’s go. The best Tuesday news. WOW.

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