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Super Bowl Predictions with Alex

Ahh the Super Bowl. It’s one of the greatest sporting events of the year in our fanatic lives. Until you wake up the following day and realise the season is over. But hey, then come the months of speculation around free agency and the draft and trades etc, so it’s not all bad. But for today I wanted to give my thoughts on what will surely be an epic super bowl in it’s very own right.

Two Stories. One Winner.

The great thing about this years Super Bowl is the dramatic story line that will come with whoever wins it. Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs could go back to back, which will be the first time any team has done that since the Patriots in 2004 and 2005, which of course, means Tom Brady. The Chiefs have also been on a drought of 50 years without a Super Bowl win, until last season, so to then win two in a row would be quite the achievement.

It also means the passing of the torch, on the same field. From Tom Brady, the legend and greatest of all time, with 6 super bowls under his belt, passing the torch (hopefully gracefully), to Patrick Mahomes, the young challenger and current face of the NFL. You can never count Tom Brady out, but if this was to be his last super bowl, and he was beaten by Mahomes, who is looking most likely to be the next greatest quarterback, it would be quite the sentiment to have the two of them sharing a field as the baton is handed down.

On the flip side, Brady getting this far with a brand new team cements his place as the greatest for anybody who doubted it up until this point. We were able to clarify that his work ethic, determination and commitment to winning super bowls is every bit his own. No disrespect to the Patriots organisation or Bill Belichick, both can most definitely be great, but Brady has proved to the world this season that he’s a flat out winner. He attracts other winners and will elevate the performances of those around him just with presence. To see Brady win his 7th Super Bowl, in his now home stadium, with a new team, would simply be epic.

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This one’s tough to call. what’s crazy about these two teams is that going into the playoffs they were both known more for their offences. For Brady, it was the arsenal of weapons he had at his disposal, adding Fournette, Antonio Brown, plus the performances of Evans, Godwin and the tight ends, and of course, Brady himself. For the Chiefs, we all know exactly what they’re capable of offensively, and we’ve seen it for the last two seasons, in dominant fashion. Yet it’s their defences that got over the line to the big game…

The Bucs defence has stepped up to match the performances of Brady and the offence. Devin White looks like a man possessed. Sean Murphy-Bunting has played lights out at corner. I’ve been yelling about Antoine Winfield Jr all season, who the Bucs expect to have back for the big night. Tahir Whitehead has started smashing dudes. Then the defensive line are playing with a crazy amount of power and energy, and look like one of the best in the league right now. They tore through a solid Packers offensive line, and sacked Aaron Rodgers five times (Shaquill Barrett 3, Jason Pierre-Paul 2).

In the second half, Brady and offence were poor. Tossing the ball back to Green Bay and Aaron Rodgers three times in a half would typically be a sure fire way to self sabotage your chances of getting to the Super Bowl. But the defence balled out and made it happen, which Brady commemorated after the game.

As for the Chiefs, it was the same deal. The Chiefs defence had one of the best performances I’ve seen from them this season against a very strong Browns roster in the divisional round. They then totally stumped Josh Allen and the Bills who’d been rolling all season, before hitting a wall against good defences in the playoffs.

Tyrann Mathieu, Chris Jones and the rest of that defence have also stepped their game up and found the best form of their season when it mattered the most. So how on the greenest of earth do i pick a winner?


Ugh I really don’t want to have to choose. It’s almost impossible, which is what makes it so great. The bookies have the Chiefs as 3 point favourites at the time of writing this. Both teams are capable of long explosive plays. Bruce Arians encourages his quarterbacks to find the deep ball, but having Tyreek Hill and Patrick Mahomes also encourages the deep ball. However it’s two strong defences. Can they stop the explosive plays? Defence wins championships right? But Brady & Mahomes, Hill, Kelce, Evans, Godwin, Brown, Fournette, Clyde, Bell, Watkins, Hardman… there’s SO much talent in this game it’s crazy.

If I had to pick, between these two great teams, with great coaches, and legendary quarterbacks, I’d just and only just, go with the Chiefs. One explosive play too many. The defences are currently pound for pound every bit as good as each other, and I’d imagine both coaches are capable of coaching the perfect game. It’s so tight that one long play, or one mistake leading to a turnover will likely clinch it. I’ll go with the Chiefs. But if you want my advice, don’t bet heavy on one side or the other. Just enjoy what is set to be a brilliant Super Bowl, showcasing the greatest of all time, and the guy most likely to follow in his footsteps.

A huge good luck to both teams and their fanbases from all of us here at Undrafted. I can’t wait.

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