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Stafford Goff Trade Breakdown

Holy snot. We knew this off season was going to be wild. There’s going to be major trades. The salary cap coming down by a guesstimated $20,000,000 is going to cause problems for teams, but I never imagined it would start out like this. Here’s my raw thoughts and feelings towards this Goff for Stafford trade, immediately after I found out about it…

The Deal

So Stafford heads to the LA Rams in exchange for TWO first round picks, a third round pick and QB Jared Goff. Goff heads to Detroit, while Stafford gets to head over to LA and take the reins of Sean McVays offence.

The interesting thing here, is there’s no first round pick this year involved. The Rams have dug even further into their future and given more of it away, to continue their ‘win now’ mentality. And to be fair I totally understand why they’ve done it. We talked about it on the podcast, and debated that the Rams were quite simply a quarterback away from being right where they need to be.

Adding Matt Stafford to that offence, with a supporting cast of Cooper Kupp, Robert Woods, Tyler Higbee, and rookies Cam Akers and Van Jefferson, who both looked promising, could be an amazing deal for both the personal career of Matt Stafford, as he jumps right into a contender, and also for the Rams.

Detroit? Really coach?

I’d actually just written a post and stored it about the Rams looking to trade Goff, talking about the square peg round hole scenario with McVays offence and Jared Goffs mobility. I do believe Goff is a good quarterback. Are we going to see the maximum potential of Goff on a multi year rebuilding Detroit Lions team? No. I’ll get to that.

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The Winners

The winners here are four fold:

Matt Stafford

Stafford finally gets his chance to play for a contender, and we the people get to see how capable he is of making a super bowl push. My initial thoughts are that the Rams immediately become a threat. Stafford is a step up from Goff, but it does surprise me that he’s not particularly more mobile. McVay must know he can get exactly what he needs from Stafford, who at the age of 32, could still easily still have 6-8 great years left in him.

McVay and the Rams

Despite giving up two first round picks, the Rams are in win now. They have the majority of the pieces they need in place to make a push for another Super Bowl appearance, and this time with Stafford, maybe they score more than three points. McVay gets a shot to prove how good they really could be, with a new quarterback, and the Rams give up a haul, but in my eyes they’ve completed the puzzle, look out. Of course, if it doesn’t work out, the Rams will now be without first round picks for four years in a row, and that could be tough sledding. But they clearly believe in this opportunity, and threw everything they needed to at it.

Detroit Lions

The Lions were parting ways with Stafford anyway, and the exchange with Goff means the dead cap with Stafford pretty much offsets. The Lions get a haul of picks for the future, to help with the rebuild, and they get a more than capable quarterback in Jared Goff. Yes he’s on big money, but you now don’t need to address it in the top 10, and you can trade back, accumulate picks, and add talent for the next two to three years. The Lions will now become a major player in the next three drafts.

Houston Texans

I know the circumstances are different, and Stafford is not screaming for somebody to come and rescue him. But seeing this trade go through will have the Texans excited. If Matt Stafford has a value of two first round picks, a third round pick, and a former number one overall quarterback, then the value they can slap on Deshaun Watson following this new intel, has just increased. They might not get as much, they might get more, but the asking price is certainly more justifiable when you can now compare it to the most recent star quarterback trade. Watson is the better asset, but the circumstances are more fragile, so it offsets somewhat. But still, as a Texans fan, i’d be happy to see this.

So who loses?

Well, Goff does. Jared Goff goes from a contending roster, with Cooper Kupp, Woods and all the rest of it, to a roster that has more problems to fix than a world champion crossword enthusiast. Jared Goff, now 26, will be packing up his life in LA, with the new billion dollar stadium, with the young, and arguably best upcoming head coach in Sean McVay, and moving to DETROIT, who’ve just hired a ra ra guy as the head coach, and have literally no receivers signed to the roster. Goff will only cost them $12,500,000 this season, but they still have serious contract issues, and like I mentioned, there’s at least two to three years of rebuilding that need to be structured and correctly executed, before Goff can even think about the playoffs again.

It’s tough being an NFL player sometimes, your life gets uprooted. I’m surprised to see it happen so drastically for Goff, but we could all see that connection breaking down between him and the Rams.

Suddenly, there’s two new looking teams in the NFL, and we’re only just getting started. Bring on the off season. We’ll be with you all the way.

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