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The Day Undrafted Won £8000

Saturday 30th January. Just a normal day for us at Undrafted. The usual group chat, some good articles, and just everyday talk.

No-one expected the madness to follow.

As I’ve touched on before, I own shares in a few racehorses, and Adz just dropped a message in the group.

I’m far from a good tipster. But Adz just thought he’d ask as he had £10 burning a hole in his pocket.. (or his Betfair account). The guys don’t really back horses very often at all. We don’t really win money.

I had a horse running that day, at 2.20. Cappananty Con I love this horse because he always gives myself and his fellow owners 100%. It was a tough race and you can never be too careful backing animals. Anyway, I had £15 ew, 4 places just incase Con managed to finish in the top 4. The favourite looked hard to beat, and I thought backing him 4 places would be a fun bet.

Con won. I shouted him home, my dog was frightened, the neighbours were baffled. A fantastic ride, and Con won on the line. A nice bit of profit, and I thought our luck had peaked.

To my amazement, Adz and Adam listened to my usually woeful tips, and backed Con just because I have a share in it, and it could be fun.

With the accounts now full, Adz and Adam wanted more. They asked me about the next race. By this time Alex wanted in on the action.

Let me tell you, that I never win money. I’m a hopeless tipster and only ever back horses I have an interest in for a bit of fun. Those of you who know horse racing, know it’s an unpredictable game. Normally you have one winner in a blue moon and that’s that. The bookies always win.

Not today.

The lads wanted a tip for the 2.40 Doncaster. I normally go for value just because I love an outsider. You just never know. The Cob was the horse I chose. Decent form, massive price. We were all on.

The Cob won.

So by now we’ve had 2 winners in a row. Fair play. We’ve had our luck. But we kept going. 3.15 Doncaster was up next in ITV. I thought I’d really go for an outsider here. In fact the next horse was the rank outsider. 50/1, Takingrisks.

The whole race he was nowhere, still nowhere, then all of a sudden he came flying from the back to win on the line. 50/1. This suddenly became no ordinary Saturday.

Alex was baffled. Mentioning the classic film Back To The Future II and the Grays Sports Almanac. Adz and Adam were just as shocked when they saw the horse storming through the finishing line.

Thankfully we had someone on hand to film Alex’s reaction to the win..😂

This was getting crazy now. An 12/1 winner followed by 50/1 & 25/1 winners.

We wanted more.

3.30 Lingfield. Another outsider. Lethal Lunch. 16/1.


4 in a row. Insane. By this time we had withdrawn in the region of £5,000 between us. Ant had also finished his meeting, and checked his messages to see what all the fuss was about. He wanted in. One last hurrah.

3.50 Doncaster. The Late Legend. Our shortest odds horse by some stretch. 5/1. But we were feeling lucky so why not. No each way on this one. The cash piled on for the last race of the day. We won’t disclose how much money we put on the horse, but guess what? It won.

5 winners in a row. We were on cloud 9. But then the thought of putting all 5 in an accumulator hit us. What would it have paid?

The answer was horrible. We didn’t need to know, but we wanted to. A £1 stake on all 5 horses, would’ve returned the small sum of….


Off a £1 coin.

This was sickening. You’d never have known we had won £8,000. However you have to look at it, that if we had put all 5 on before racing, we may have chosen different horses than in the heat of the moment.

But 5 everyday blokes, somehow stumbled their way to 5 straight winners, and a profit of £8,000.

Next weekend we will have a small blog on our tips for Saturday. We expect to lose again, but it’s fun involving all of you who support us. And if we can somehow miraculously win again, we hope to bring you along for the ride.

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