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Booze Review – Whitstable Bay Organic Ale

Number 2 on our list is this Whitstable Bay organic ale, presented with a lush little sail boat on the bottle. The three boys dove into it, and here’s what they thought:

Purchased from Waitrose. £1.65 per bottle. Alc 4.5 Vol


Organic Ale; I’ve never really been a fan of anything organic and I’m definitely not going to start now. The bottle describes itself as ‘superbly balanced’ but in reality it’s about as balanced as the kid from UP sitting on a seesaw all by himself. You remember that Disney film? The fat kid with all the balloons? There we go.

From the moment the bottle was opened there was a strong yeasty aroma and the taste didn’t do much to save itself either with an overall unpleasant and unbalanced bitterness.



This rascal had that old school 16 year old house party whatever you can get your hands on from dads alcohol cupboard kinda vibe to it.

The smell says it’s meant to be citrus like. It isn’t. The taste didn’t improve that much and the first three sips or so were somewhat deflating. It didn’t exact give me any kind of emotional warmth towards it.

I think the £1.65 value is about right for it, it belongs in that region. What I will say is that as it went on it improved a little. For an organic ale it isn’t too bad, and it got easier to drink as it went on. Maybe I was just concentrating on it less.

Overall, it’s okay. Nothing to write home about though. I’d leave it in dads alcohol cupboard.



Organic ale…. orgasmic ale, f**k what these 2 think it was heavenly.

I was sceptical to start with, firstly £1.65 raised alarm bells and when I popped the lid off i was taken aback by an odour that can be described similarly to rotten fruit. Being an absolute top draw, jaw swinging geezer I ploughed through with the first sip.

A very pleasant surprise, it tasted strong and dry but not to much, it was a little sweet and had a bit of a citrusy after taste.

Overall I think it was nice, I would drink it again, the smell was a little off putting and it was a little bland but I liked the core taste.


Overall Average Score: 4.4/10

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Martin Lyddon 28th January 2021 at 10:28 am

Awful rubbish…… review Perlenbacher..so I can rip you to shreds

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