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Remembering Kobe Bryant

Kobe Bryant taught me so much. As somebody who loves a motivational video or quote, Kobe was often one who’d come up on my quests to learn more from the greats.

He taught me dedication. Dedication to your cause. Outwork every body. Protect your dream and never let anybody take it away from you or tell you to aim lower. He taught me the importance of family, in post retirement phase. He was so proud to be a dad, as I have always wanted to be. His family meant everything to him, that much was clear every time he spoke about them, and he embraced his post retirement responsibility and loved every minute of it. My thoughts will always be with his family, and I feel so deeply for Kobe himself, who had achieved everything he could possibly achieve in the NBA, and was only just getting started in the next phase of his life. And of course for Gigi, who had dreams of her own to make the WNBA, and be a beacon for female athletes.

It’s been one whole year since the entire sporting & outside world was rocked by the tragic news that we’d lost Kobe Bryant & his daughter Gigi. A year on we remember the lives of both of them, and of course, everybody on board that day.

I’ll never forget it. Never has the death of a celebrity or sports personality or anybody i’ve never met in my life affected me so much. I sat on my bed, scrolled through twitter, and caught the tweet from TMZ. I scrolled past it like it was nothing, that definitely isn’t real. No way. Not a chance.

When somebody we admire, who seems untouchable by the forces of the real world, is suddenly stripped away from us all, there’s something undeniably shocking about it. How can it be real? I’m struggling to explain it, but I’ll never forget it. There are a few idols among us in life who’s reach goes way beyond their talent or celebrity. Those idols are different for all of us, but Kobe Bryant was just that to so many. You really do believe they’ll live forever.

I sat on my bed, scrolling through the tweets, the videos, tributes, interviews with Kobe, highlight videos, and cried. I think about three hours passed before I snapped out of it. I’d never met Kobe or had any sort of personal relationship with him that would cause me to mourn the loss so heavily. But it felt close to me.

I don’t want to make this a sad, tragic post. We all know the tragedy that it is, and how hard it struck the world of sports. It’ll never not be tragically sad. But what I’d rather do is share a collection of the best tributes and moments that started to spread around in the days that followed. An outpouring of love and appreciation for the man who inspired generations to be great.

The Legend That Is

Kobe Bryant will always be one of the greatest players to ever grace the NBA. His passion for his craft bought him 5 NBA championships over a 20 year career. A career full of accolades, awards, and accomplishments. A career sure to land him in the hall of fame.

  • 1 MVP
  • 2 Finals MVPs
  • 18 All star appearances
  • 4 All star MVPs
  • Over 33,000 points
  • Two Olympic Gold medals

and so much more.

His career on the court is one to recognise. Highlight videos that’ll last hours. You could fall into a deep binge watching Kobe be Kobe.

Kobe’s 81. One of the greatest highlight tapes of all time. What he achieved that night is absolutely mental. NBA players of today’s era and those playing at the time have been quoted saying things like, ‘I thought it was a typo’, and ‘that must be a mistake’. It wasn’t. Greatness.

Kobe scoring 60 in his very last game is just such a Kobe thing to do. To go out on top, with a performance like that… like jheez. Mamba out.

Dear Basketball

I still can’t watch this without it bringing a tear to my eye at the end. So beautifully put together, Kobe wrote a letter to basketball, and turned it into a short film. Dear Basketball went on to win an Academy Award for Best Animated Short Film, making Kobe Bryant the first athlete ever to win an oscar.

I love this little short so damn much. It really is fantastic. After Kobe passed, I watched it about 17 times a day for several days. Cried everytime. The ‘Love you always… Kobe’ certainly contributes to that.

And of course the way he spoke about Gigi, and her talent and ability, which deserves to be recognised all by itself, as does his family man mentality towards all of his girls

So Many Beautiful Tributes

In the days that followed it was somewhat comforting to hear of all these stories never told before about Kobe and his life. A year later it’s cool to be able to share some of those, and reflect on Kobe’s mentality to live life to the full, always smiling. I hope you enjoy flicking through these, and take Kobe’s legacy forward into working that little bit harder, striving for a little bit more, and building your own mamba mentality in whatever it is you do or want to do in life.

People like Kobe are a gift. Somebody for the rest of us to look up to. To see what they’ve built and realise that their hard work and dedication to be great yields results. Thank you Kobe for everything I’ve learned, and the inspiration to be a better version of myself every single day. He is one of the reasons I aim to achieve so much more than the regular, because he knew that the best thing about building success is what it enables you to do for the people around you.

Enjoy the tributes I’ve selected below! Some words of wisdom from Kobe himself, and some of the best stories from those that met him and spent time with him. Rip Mamba & Gigi.

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