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The Mahomes Conspiracy…

That Had to Hurt!

The Mahomes Conspiracy they will call it. We all saw Patrick Mahomes pass out last week against the Browns. At first everyone, myself included, assumed he had been knocked unconscious by Mack Wilson. The way he got up and just how out of it he looked, it appeared a classic case of this and it was no surprise that he was ruled out for the remainder of the game, everyone assumed with a major concussion.

From what I remember however he was not ruled out with concussion, although this may have been alluded to at the time. As the week rolled on the story came out that he had indeed not suffered from a concussion, rather that Wilson had his arm around his neck so tight that Mahomes had the oxygen cut off to his brain causing him to pass out.

Mahomes out Cold

We’ve waited through the week to see his progression back to full practice, whether he would make it. Alternatively whether we would be treated/subjected to a full game of ‘Super’ Chad Henne. Unsurprisingly, Mahomes has been slated to play all week and for the neutral fan this is great. Or at least I thought so…

People Love to Hate a Winning Team

Facebook is a funny place and I have already written about how people love to moan about absolutely anything. This week it has developed into a tirade of comments surrounding the fact that the NFL had rigged Mahomes’ recovery so that he would definitely play. Comments such as “The League cant afford to have him miss this game”  and “I’ve lost all respect sorry this is absolutely rigged for money… Or ratings in [sic] not sure which” evidence this conspiracy theory mindset.

Had Mahomes got a concussion then yes, there would be more to support these suspicions. Especially based on how early the Chiefs came out and said they expected Mahomes to play. What has caused an outcry is that Mahomes has still had to progress through the protocol. The speed he has gone through it is due to him not actually suffering a concussion. That he took the majority of the snaps all week as starter is just further evidence of this.

Mahomes did not have a concussion, only concussion-like symptoms. He will have been assessed by experts, paid a lot of money, to confirm that he can play safely. Nobody is risking the $500m dollar man. There is nothing suspicious about the situation at all, people love to hate a winner and the Chiefs, and Mahomes himself, will be used to this.

Best Foot Forward

Just Enjoy It!

This weekend of the NFL is one of the best. NFL fans across the world can tune in to watch the four best teams of the season battle it out to get to the Superbowl. There is no stress just good football whilst it lasts before the 7 month wait for the new season begins. I for one would rather all teams went in full guns blazing rather than missing their best players. I advise all of you out there to just take Sunday as a day of enjoyment. Sit down with friends and family (remotely if needed), crack open a beer or ten. Get the snacks ready and watch the spectacle of the Championship Weekend unfold.

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