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Booze Review – The Wild Beer Co Quantic

An everyman’s review. Number 1. These will be continuing on a regular basis, as we build a league table of the best beverages to accompany you to the sofa to watch the game, or sit in the sun in the midst of a hot summer, or even to cosy up by the fire on a winters evening. In the series we’ll each give our own individual review, and a score out of 10. First up, this IPA from the Wild Beer Co.

Purchased from Waitrose. £2.20 per can. Alc 4.7% Vol


The IPA had a nice citrus and zesty taste that resembled a can of sprite more than an IPA. Too light for me but if you prefer a lighter ale or a dark fruit on a night out it may be for your fruity ass. The packaging and marketing of the brand I like and to be fair it is an extra pale and did taste as it said on the tin! Overall it is to light for me leading me to a…



If you prefer to drink a cider on a night out with the boys then this is the IPA for you. Brewed by The Wild Beer Co, Quantic offers a very light IPA that is packed full of tangy fruit which is surprisingly pretty refreshing. Ideal for those not looking for a beverage that overwhelms you with intense flavours this IPA is also able to be enjoyed by Vegans (Yaaaay, we don’t want to upset them). Overall, not a bad drink but a bit too light for myself. Has nothing on a nice cold Heineken….



Disclaimer. I am not a good beer drinker. I’m the guy that Kyle’s talking about that prefers a cider or a G&T. But here we are. Popped open the can. Smelt like summer. It’s fresh. A very healthy citrus aroma right in my face. Couple of heavy sniffs to enjoy it a second time. 

The smell of fruit outweighs the taste. I feel disappointed now. I had high hopes on the smell. I guess this is the faint hearted beer drinker in me hoping this would taste like a fruit cocktail. 

Presentation is strong, the can stabbed me in the eyes in the shop, resulting in me taking that bad boy home. Aesthetics people.

Do I enjoy this IPA? It started off a no. The aroma set the bar too high. But I delved into it took a few sips and slowly it grew on me. It’s a decent light and fluffy IPA. Beery burps to follow. But I must say, the burps are citrusy too. So the citrus is in the smell and in me regurgitating it, but seems to lack during the consumption. Odd. 

I shan’t be mentioning the hops. Because I don’t know what that means yet.

Hey, it’s light, easy drinking on a summer afternoon. Its refreshing. But the taste to smell confused me a little…


Overall Average Score: 5.7/10

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