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New Jersey SZN is upon us!

Last year the league went nuts on new uniforms. The Bucs came out and rebranded so Tompa Bay could look all sorts of baller on their way to the NFC Championship game. The Falcons went modern. The Browns went old school. The Chargers went off in a major way adding some real vibrancy to their locker room. But for me, the Rams won the off season.

Contrary to the opinion of many, I actually dig the new logo, and the rebrand that came with it. If you’re going to play in a billion dollar stadium, then you need to look the nuts to do so. Both the Rams and the Chargers had a total uniform overhaul, but those Rams jerseys are a different kind of clean.

It’s so blue! It’s so yellow!! And why do I think that off white is so sexy while so many hate it? Plus, the font, the gradient. My lord they’re so nice. In fact, they’re so sweet I almost grabbed a Van Jefferson one to frame up on the wall, proud of my Gators! Such a huge fan of these jerseys, and now, it’s that time again…

Leading the charge this season, is the Cincinnati Bengals. Who tweeted today, teasing us with their ‘new stripes’. What have you got for us Cincy? Revealed in the offseason…

Who else is going to redesign their field presence this off season? Let us know!

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