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La Rams will win the Super Bowl

I mean wow…who would have thought it? With Goff having broken a thumb and on the bench. Wolford starting at QB and the Rams come away with the W against the Seahawks. We are now on route to play Greenbay and one step closer to the Super Bowl! With that, I’m saying here and now La Rams will win the Super Bowl! To show you my reasoning behind this, I have to break down the Seahawks game to explain why this is so.

We saw some shocking events in the Rams, Seahawks game. Wolford was able to walk off the field (THANK GOD) there is a reason why you lead with your shoulder and not the top of your head. The reason is you reduce the chance of removing your head from your shoulders. He was rushed straight to the hospital for further assessment. Ok so on you go Goff, I know you only have 4 fingers and a bit of metal holding your thumb together. But you don’t need a thumb to throw a ball right!? Hahahahahaha right!? 

Apparently not, well, it wasn’t the prettiest sight but Goff got that ball out there and leant very heavily on Cam Akers. And what a game that young man had. Which brings me to my reasoning as to why we can win the Super Bowl 

With the Rams fresh off a Seahawks victory, which key players will win the Super Bowl for the La Rams?

Photo credit – @RamsNFL twitter account

Cam the man Akers – Super Bowl superhero?

This boy is, without doubt, a very solid rookie “But Alex how can a good rookie win you a super bowl? Teams a filled with good rookie RB” and yes there are but do they have Whitworth !? I think not, the front line wins you games, I don’t care what anyone says to me “oh skill players are so funny, handsome, quick Blah blah blah”…I don’t know if you can tell but I’ve played O line before? 

However, it’s true that big boys win you games. Can’t catch a ball if it can’t be thrown to you because your QB is questioning his existence eating the dirt. Oh, that reminds me, a player that loves making QB’s hurt.

Photo credit – @RamsNFL twitter account

Aaron Donald – King of the La Rams?

“The terminator will be ready”- Sean McVay commenting on AD. And it’s a fair assessment of the man! Coaches around the world tell their players not to try and be like Aaron Donald. Purely for the fact that what he does isn’t humanly possible and you will become despondent if you try to replicate how he plays. 

Offence wins you games. Defence wins you championships. While we are on the subject of Defence we have to spin round to our last point. 

The Ram Ramsey

What does a CB want the most when playing a game? Glory? To get in the face of the WR? It’s Picks…to take that ball out of the air and change the momentum of the game. Aaron Donald will put immense pressure on the opposing QB causing untold panic and fear that he must release the ball in a frantic manner. Enter Ramsey to steal the rock and hope from their opponents. Even if he doesn’t make any INT he will always find himself in front of the best WR on the opposite team locking them down. You only need to see DK Metcalf big baby reaction on the sideline throwing his helmet and toys out the pram due to Ramsey…Please don’t tell DK I said that…

Photo credit – @RamsNFL twitter account

In conclusion 

We have the tools, we have the grit of players. Goff laying his pain to one side to keep playing. Young players rising to the occasion and a Defence that can stop anyone. We will win the Super Bowl!….. I hope.

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