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The stage is set. The Alabama Crimson Tide and The Ohio State Buckeyes are Miami bound! These two teams are headed to Hard Rock stadium in sunny Miami, Florida to play in the 2020 National Championship game. With a  Rose Bowl win against the Notre Dame Fight Irish and an unbelievable Sugar Bowl win against the Clemson Tigers this past weekend, Alabama and Ohio State are set to battle it out on the gridiron for one last dance in the 2020 season. With the 2020 season almost in the books, let’s take a look at these top two teams. 

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What a season for the Crimson Tide. With coach Nick Saban contracting Covid- 19 to having yet another undefeated season, and not to mention TWO Heisman finalists, the Crimson Tide had a pretty busy season to say the least.  Starting off,  the Crimson Tide had two Heisman finalists in QB Mac Jones and WR DeVonta Smith(Winner of the Heisman Trophy). Both athletes in my opinion have had one memorable season. Mac Jones had some big shoes to fill after Tua Tagovailoa (NFL DRAFT 2020) traded southern hostility for the beaches of Miami.(Good luck with the Dolphins Tua) With Alabama known for top QBs, Mac Jones had some tough battles ahead. Jones had 4,036 yards and completing 77%  of his throws. He had 36 touchdowns with only four interceptions on the year. With some pretty impressive stats throughout the 2020 season, Jones led his team to yet another National Championship game. Another star to keep your eye out for is WR DeVonta Smith. Smith sure had himself a season with a total of 21 touchdowns and  1,641 yards. The top WR had some pretty big games this year against LSU, Florida and Notre Dame. This WR can sure reck some havoc out on the gridiron. With some pretty impressive records, this WR has one bright future in the National Football League.  The QB and WR duo sure work well together and in my opinion the reason why the Crimson Tide were successful this season. The Tide are no strangers when it comes to playing in National Championship games. After all, Nick Saban has led the Tide to numerous championship games over the past decade. As I have been saying, Alabama is the best football program in the country and they have the trophies to prove it. 

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A team that has overcome so much this past season. This past season was a difficult one for many, however one team that faced a lot of adversity was the Ohio State Buckeyes. From the BIG-10 cancelling their season in August to coming back and having a season in September to Coach Ryan Day contracting Covid, the Buckeyes took a long journey to get to Miami. From multiple postponement and cancellations, the Buckeyes still prevailed at the end. With QB Justin Fields under center, the Ohio State Buckeyes were sure to be a top team this season. With a pretty decent schedule for the Buckeyes, this season didn’t seem too difficult.  However,  the score sheet says a different story.  The Buckeyes were struggling throughout most of the 2020 season. With several close wins against Indiana and Northwestern in the BIG 10 Championship game,  the Buckeyes had a rocky season to say the least. In my opinion,  the Buckeyes did not have impressive wins on their resume, however, with all that was thrown their way, they still prevailed at the end. One impressive win from the Buckeyes was the Sugar Bowl Semifinal game against the dominating Clesmon Tigers. I got to be honest with you guys, I had Clemson winning this ball game. With super star Trevor Lawrence in the driver seat,  I thought the Tigers would come out of New Orleans with the win. However, the Buckeyes proved me wrong. Ohio State came  to New Orleans with one thing on there mind. MIAMI! With a lot of people leaving Ohio State out of the playoffs,  the Buckeyes wanted to prove that they surely did deserve a place in the college football playoffs, and that they did. I was impressed with the way the Buckeyes played against Clemson and the story of the night was Justin Fields.  With obtaining an injury in the first half of the game, Fields came out and dominated Clemson. Fields in my opinion is the pure definition of a warrior. With the Buckeyes winning against one tough Tiger team, they had punched their ticket to Miami!

Alabama and Ohio State has had one wild season. During a global pandemic,  both teams prevailed and showed the country why they are the top two college football teams. Playing during a pandemic is one difficult task if you ask me.  A lot of sacrifice went into this season and only two teams remain standing. I can’t wait to watch this game. It will be a good one!!!!


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