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The Heisman Trophy is college football’s most prestigious award. It’s a trophy that is given to the best college football player. This season there are four candidates up for the big trophy. Let’s take a look at the four Heisman finalists.

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Mac Jones is the quarterback for the University of Alabama. As you all know, Alabama is the king of college football, so Mac had some big shoes to fill after ex QB Tua Tagovailoa left for the NFL. With a crazy season in place in 2020 due to Covid 19, Mac still managed to shine out on the gridiron. After all, he is the quarterback for Alabama, and the Crimson Tide have high exceptions. This season, Jones had 4,036 yards with completing 77%  of his throws. He had 36 touchdowns with only four interceptions on the year. Jones is a deserving finalist for the Heisman, however, Jones isn’t the only Crimson Tide up for this infamous trophy. His top Wide Receiver Devonta Smith is up for it as well.

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Devonta Smith is the Nation’s top wide receiver and is a deserving finalist for the Heisman Trophy. Smith has been making a lot of noise in the college football world this season, and has had one memorable season to least. In 2020 alone, Smith had a total of 21 touchdowns with 1,641 yards. With having an amazing quarterback in Mac Jones, Smith made scoring touchdowns look like a piece of cake. Smith in my opinion is one dangerous football player and taking him down is one difficult task. 

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Arguably one of the best college quarterbacks this Nation has seen. From winning a National Championship game as a freshman,  yes you heard me right, a freshman, to making another appearance in a National Championship game as a sophomore, Trevor Lawrence is one special athlete. With a disappointing loss in the National Championship game against LSU in 2019, Lawerence was out for revenge in 2020. Keep in mind,  Lawerences first college football loss was in last year’s National Championship game against LSU. In the 2020 season, Lawrence had his fair share of adversity. He, unfortunately, had Covid-19 which kept him sidelined for a few games. One of those games was against Notre Dame which the Tigers lost too. However, Lawrence still had a pretty successful season with 24 touchdowns, only five interceptions, and being a deserving Heisman finalist.

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The man who has been turning heads these past few seasons. Kyle Trask has made a huge impact in the swamp and rightfully deserves to be a Heisman finalist. With having 43 touchdowns, eight interceptions and 4,283 yards on the season, Trask has had an unbelievable season. With an unfortunate loss to Texas A&M, LSU, and Oklahoma in the Cotton Bowl, Trask still has a lot to be proud of. He has had one wild ride as a Gator and has had one remarkable season. 

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This season with out a doubt has had it’s ups and downs like any other season. However, this season came with a lot of adversity. Even with an ongoing pandemic, college football still prevailed. Games were still played and dreams were being made. This has been a college football season we will all remember. These four finalists have overcome a lot this season and I congratulate each and every single one of them. 

YOUR 2020 SEASON HEISMAN TROPHY WINNER IS ALABAMA WR DEVONTA SMITH!!!  CONGRATULATIONS DEVONTA. The last wide receiver to win this award was back in 1991 by Desmond Howard.

Photo By: (Alabama Athletics/Kent Gidley)Crimson Tide Photos / UA Athletics

I also want to congratulate Mac, Trevor and Kyle on one amazing season. Good luck on your future football journeys!!


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