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With a rough start for both Arizona teams, a win in this rivalry matchup will give one team their first win. Both the ASU Sun Devils and the Arizona Wildcats have had a winless season thus far, so a win in their annual rivalry game will only improve their resumes. With playing in Tucson, Arizona, the Wildcats have home-field advantage. Let’s take a look at one of Arizona’s greatest rivalry matchups.  


To kick off this rivalry matchup, ASU ran the ball 100 yards to get their first of many touchdowns throughout the game. With seven points already on the board with just a few seconds into the game, Arizona now has to play catchup. With Grant Gunnell sitting at center for the Wildcats, Arizona fumbles the football, and the Sun Devils recover. With a shaky start for the Wildcats, Arizona State takes advantage of the Wildcat’s mistake and runs the football into the end zone on a four-yard touchdown run. With the Sun Devils now up by two scores with less than a minute into the game, the Wildcats are under pressure to get some points on the scoreboard. Unfortunately for the Wildcats, they fumble the ball once again and the Sun Devils comes back with the recovery. Fortunately for the Wildcats, the Sun Devils do not capitalize on the fumble recovery. The Wildcats have the football once again and decide to go on the fourth and one due to the Sun Devils early lead. However, the Wildcats do not get the fourth and one and now the Sun Devils have the football back. With having pretty decent field advantage, ASU QB Jayden Daniels ran the football in and scored yet another Sun Devil touchdown. With the Sun Devils now up by three touchdowns, the Wildcats need some points on the board to bring some life to the game. With the Wildcats not able to produce at the end of the first quarter, the score at the end of quarter one was 21-0.


With the Wildcats starting off the second quarter, QB Gunnell is struggling to get his offense running. The Wildcats finally have a few decent plays and manage to get close to the end zone. Once again, in Wildcat fashion, the football got fumbled again with the Sun Devils recovering. With the Sun Devils’ offense back on the gridiron, the Wildcat defense needs to contain QB Daniels. Arizona State almost got a fumble, but fortunately for the Sun Devils, QB Daniels recovered. After that Sun Devil scare, ASUs Rachaad White ran the football 93 yards and got six more points on the board for the Sun Devils. After a dominating drive by the Sun Devils, the Wildcat’s offense was back up. Arizona was once again faced with a fourth and one call and they decided to go for it. The Sun Devil defense got the stop and got the ball back. (SUN DEVIL DEFENSE DOMINATING.) With the Sun Devils running all over the Arizona defense, they once again got another touchdown. With Arizona State in the driver’s seat, Arizona made a QB change. The new QB for the Wildcats was Will Plummer. Fortunately for the Wildcats, Plummer was able to get the ball rolling and the Wildcats finally got their first touchdown of the game. After a successful drive from the Wildcats, neither team got any points right before the half. The score at the half was 42-7.

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Entering the third quarter, the Wildcats started with the football. With a near interception by Plummer and failing to get first downs, the Wildcats came away with no points on the opening drive to start the quarter. Arizona State works their way downfield and gets yet another Sun Devil touchdown. With the Wildcats on the struggle train, they once again fumble the football, and the Sun Devils recover. The Wildcats need to have better ball security and need to be better disciplined. With their fifth turnover in just the third quarter, ASU takes advantage and extends their lead even more. With Arizona getting terminated, another QB was in store. QB Rhett Rodriquez was now under center for the Wildcats. With the third quarterback change for the Wildcats, hopefully, they can get the ball rolling and score more touchdowns. With Arizona State dominating the game, the score at the end of the third quarter was a whopping 63-7. With yet another dominating performance from the Sun Devils, the Wildcats are left in the dust scrambling to get more points on the scoreboard.


The Wildcats need to find their momentum and start getting some points on the board. With the Sun Devils running the table, they replaced QB Jayden Daniels with backup Trenton Bourguet. With yet another dominant quarter by the Sun Devils, this rivalry game was officially in the books. The SUN DEVILS won by a whopping 70-7. Yes, you heard me right, the final score of the evening was 70-7. What a win for the Sun Devils. 

With both teams coming into this game with a winless record, the Sun Devils set ablaze the Wildcats and came back home to Tempe with their first win in 2020. The Sun Devils had complete control of this game from the very beginning. With Arizona committing seven turnovers, ASU took advantage and kept scoring touchdowns. Arizona has some major improvements needed to start winning some ball games. One of those improvements includes managing the number of turnovers per game. SEVEN TURNOVERS is absolutely ridiculous. Maybe next year Arizona. THE ASU SUN DEVILS ARE THE KINGS OF THE DESERT!! CONGRATULATIONS ASU ON ONE HECK OF A WIN!!! Your 2020 Territorial Cup Champions are the ASU Sun Devils. 


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