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Rex’s 5 Things (Week 13 in the NFL)

I straight up missed last weeks post. My sincerest apologies. Back this week to try and crack that losing streak which earned me a temporary nickname. Mr 405 just out here trying to become Mr 505 Full House. I like it better. Right what have we got this week? It’s worth noting that there are some horrific games to try and call today. Had to spend some real time looking at the schedules.

Rams Cardinals Over (48.5)

I feel a shootout coming on in Arizona. The Cardinals had an ugly week on offence last week and struggled to put it together against the Patriots. However they’re second in the league in offensive yards per game, and only they and the Chiefs average over 400 yards per game. So you can count on the Cardinals to score some points. Of course you have to consider the disruption caused by Aaron Donald up front, and the likelihood of a Jalen Ramsey/Deandre Hopkins tussle all day. These two factors will of course play a part in the efficiency of the Cardinals offence, and they’ve looked a tad lost without Larry Fitzgerald, who’s out again today.

BUT, I still like the over because not only are the Cardinals 2nd in the league in offensive yardage, the Rams are 6th.

So what we’ve got today is a match up between two strong offences and hopefully, a big ol’ shootout. Cooper Kupp is really making a name for himself, the Rams look well put together on offence and because of that I’ll take the over, looking for at least 49 points in todays game.

Rams to edge it (-2.5)

The Rams are -2.5 going into the game, so staying with the same match up i’ll take the Rams to win. They have too many options offensively for the Cardinals to keep up with, and I think the lack of a comfort blanket for Kyler in larry Fitzgerald has really stunted their offence in the last two weeks. So give me the Rams at -2.5 in Arizona.

Chargers to beat the Patriots

It comes down to match ups and one on ones and the Chargers defensively line will quite simply make life uncomfortable for Cam and the Patriots today. Herbert just needs to be efficient with the ball and limit any turnovers and I think the Chargers can come out with this one at home. Despite their record, the Chargers have been moving the ball all season, and Herberts big arm talent is a contributing factor to that.

Sitting 3rd in offensive yardage per game currently, I can’t see how the Patriots keep up while Joey Bosa is in Cam’s face all day. Spread is -1.5, i’ll take it and the Chargers to win.

Titans Browns Over

I still refuse to bet on Baker Mayfield to do anything at all, he’s on my black list, him and Wake Forest. Always doing the opposite of whatever I bet.

However, the one two punch of Nick Chubb and Kareem Hunt is back in action and they’ve both looked great in recent weeks. Hunt is the best RB2 in the league, so Baker doesn’t need to do anything at all and this team could score 21 points a game.

The Titans, of course, have one of if not THE most powerful weapon on their offence and he too can score 21 points a game with no problem at all.

And if you go and look at the rankings in running efficiency this season, you will find these two teams at the very top. The two teams are 1 and 2 in the league in rushing yards per game, and if you throw in a couple of touchdowns through the air then the over should be no problem. Yes it’s high (53), but I feel good about it.

Raiders Jets bore fest.

This could be ugly, don’t watch it. The Raiders are missing Josh Jacobs for the first time this season, and they were bad last week against the Falcons while they had him. Now the run game will suffer, putting more pressure on Carr.

I’d imagine an explosive touchdown is always on the cards because you’re playing the Jets and you have Henry Ruggs, but I just picture this being one of those games thats about 7-3 at half time.

Efficiency is a word the Jets don’t even understand, the quarterback play in New York green has been questionable, and Adam Gase is still employed. The Jets average 13.8 points per game, dead last in the NFL.

Raiders should win it with ease but last weeks poor performance put me off going with the spread, as does the lack of Josh Jacobs. So instead i’ll just take the under (47), pay no attention to the game and hope it sucks.

The Bet

A cheeky Sunday tenner returns a solid £302 and 30 of your fine English pence. Let’s have ourselves a football Sunday.

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