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Undrafteds Virtual Sports Card Convention UK/EU

We’ve already shared a few details about our upcoming and highly anticipated convention in our Facebook group, and we’d like to thank everybody in that group for their support of our journey so far. I’m going to break down a little more information about the convention here today, and there’ll be a link to grab your ticket at the bottom of the post.

We started our sports card page less than three months ago, and we’re immensely proud of where we’ve got to in such a short period of time.

I’ve been a collector my whole life, Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh, Match Attax, Hot Wheels, Beyblades, Crazy Bones, Micro Machines. You name it, i probably dabbled. It’s a thrill some of us have within us, to complete a set, chase a rare card, pack our favourite player, and to be able to do that again as an adult is a dream.

I used to think there was a stigma around this sort of thing, that collecting was ‘nerdy’. But I couldn’t be more wrong. The community of collectors we’ve introduced ourselves to has been extremely friendly, and people just love to connect over a shared interest. I love that. Helping people complete their favourite team, or snag an autograph of their favourite player.

Our box breaks have been a great success so far, and we’re extremely thankful for all the good feedback from you all. It means a lot to us each time we receive a comment thanking us for a break, or wishing us well in our journey, or commenting on the visuals or the handsome host… (that hasn’t happened).

We always thought we wanted to do everything we can to establish ourselves as a frontrunner in what is becoming a more and more popular hobby in the UK and in Europe. The NFL has started to really grow here, and that’s being heavily encouraged by both the league, and the media. It’s trending in the right direction, at an extremely fast rate. So for collectors, it’s only going to get better.

The Convention

So what’s it all about? Some of you might have never attended one before, so let me fill you in.

On Friday 5th February, when the hype for the Super Bowl is building, we’ll be running a three hour virtual convention from 20:00 UK time.

We want to create an environment for people to join, feel welcome, and have a good time, while learning about the hobby, watching card breaks live, and picking up a few cards themselves along the way!

We’ll open up by telling you a little bit about us, at Undrafted, and what we plan to be. Both as a part of the sports card industry, and on a wider platform. We have huge plans for our business, and want to venture into many different directions, while focusing on our passionate love for American Football, and other sports.

It will include a discussion around the hobby, and our hopes and ambitions for the development of the hobby here in the UK and EU.

We’ll discuss accessibility for collectors here across the pond, and some of the best practices and methods for getting your cards. Including buying, selling, shipping, international access, how to guides, and support from the likes of Get It Shipped. We’ll show you how to use the site, what to expect, and walk it through with you.

We’ll talk about grading, and the services to use. What they mean, how you can access them, and which one might be appropriate for you. We appreciate the grading system can be a minefield, and it can get confusing and overwhelming, so we’ll spend a little time going through it with you, allowing time for questions.

We’ll touch on what a box break actually is, how you can get involved, why you might want to join them from a cost save perspective, and many of the fun aspects that come from being a part of a breaking community.

There will be MULTIPLE BOX BREAKS. One entry level. One medium level, and one high tier, three at a minimum! Over £500 in cards will be broken, and given away. We will be funding these boxes ourselves, as a gesture of our thanks for your support over the course of our first year as a business, and a celebration, courtesy of Undrafted.

We’ll also be giving away a few cards to people who submit the best questions, which we will choose from the chat on the night, and answer a few as we go! If your question is chosen, be sure to send us a note through the Facebook group, so we can get your prize sent to you!

We’ll set time aside for FAQs and to answer your questions, or hold discussions mentioned in the live chat.

Overall, we want the convention to be a good time, where we can all come together for the night, celebrate a shared passion, and give back to you all as a part of our community. Pour yourself a drink, order a pizza, and enjoy!

We encourage people to get involved, share their stories in the chat, ask questions, and help us create that environment we’re looking for.

We’re inviting you to join us, and invite your friends, and have them join us, and they invite their pets, and they join us too.

Whether you’re a new collector, or an experience hobbyist, or somewhere in between, the convention will have something for you all.

Imagine next year, if this convention becomes a celebration we can all have in person. That’s our dream. Sports cards is our passion. You guys are our community, and the Undrafted Sports Card Convention is our thank you.

So this is how it works. The convention will be totally free to join, and will be live on our Youtube Channel at 20:00 on the 5th February, We encourage you all to join, and are more than welcome to join us totally free of charge! However, we are granting premium access to those who purchase a ticket for £1 from our website.

By purchasing a ticket for £1, you’ll be guaranteed a spot in one of our breaks. The boxes will be confirmed closer to the time, but as we said, we’ll be breaking over £500 worth of product during the convention, and you’ll be a part of it!

Please note, in order for us to track the data and ship the cards to the appropriate person, we can only grant access to the live breaks to those with premium access, via the ticket.

You can get your ticket here, and only need to purchase one ticket per person! We can only enter each person once, so please don’t purchase multiple tickets! We hope to share the love around as many people as possible, so no funny business 😉

Thank you all for your continued support, we hope you enjoy the convention with us.

One small note. If you would like to contribute to the convention, or partner up with us in any way to be a part of it, please get in contact with us through our Facebook group, and send a message to Alex Buck or Antonio Ierubino.

We are looking for partners within the industry, within shipping, supplies, grading and other things.

Thanks all
The Boys at Undrafted

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