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Tua Silences Critics in 2nd Start

Somehow, the topic of conversation after Tua’s first start was the idea that the Dolphins were giving him a ‘trial run’ before next years draft. Which is obviously total nonsense, but Tua made sure he closed the door on that idea on Sunday…

Forgotten Man

Burrow was always going to be launched head first into the deep end with a lack of arm bands. Justin Herbert was semi launched into the deep end after Tyrod Taylors own team doctor punctured his lung with a needle. Both have held their own and played very well since said launchings, and as a result, all of a sudden, Tua became the fall guy.

The media started to latch onto this tale that all of a sudden the Dolphins drafted Tua, and would give him a trial before drafting a new quarterback next year. Let’s make one thing entirely clear, Tua is not Josh Rosen. And outside of the Josh Rosen situation, this scenario rarely happens. Teams don’t take quarterbacks in the FIRST round, and replace them the following year, unless you find yourselves in an extremely rare situation like the Cardinals did.

Having drafted a quarterback (the 4th quarterback chosen), finishing dead last in the league, they found themselves number one overall. Kyler Murray was available and Josh Rosen simply hadn’t paid for his arrogance in touchdowns. So off he went.

Tua Lucky

Tua is absolutely not comparable to Josh Rosen. Tua is a generational talent. Unique.

The Dolphins were incredibly fortunate to get him 5th overall after a crazy turn of events including Burrow having an incredible season, the injury to Tua, the teams above passing, the lack of trading partners, COVID implications. It all fell perfectly into place. Without the above, Tua is easily a contender for the number one pick. Talent wise it was never in doubt. Tank for Tua existed long before Joe Burrow jumped onto the scene.

So the MERE NOTION that the Dolphins are considering axing him for somebody else, after he played one game, is absurd.

Sure, he threw for less than 100 yards. The Dolphins took a hard lead early in the game thanks to the defence and special teams. The Rams then chasing the game for its’ entirety. So to me, it makes sense to allow Tua to settle into the NFL environment, and grow a custom to the speed of the game, and the different feel to a college game. Let him grow comfortable by giving him short throws and easy reads and his confidence builds. There was never any need to ask him to throw the ball all over the field. Of course, we want to see his skill set on show, but wins in the NFL don’t come easy, and protecting the lead we had was important. Limit turnovers.

I had no problem with any of that, but oh boy did the main stream media. All they see is the stat line. While Burrow throws, he also runs for his life, but he racks up yards. Justin Herbert has a cannon, we knew that, and the Chargers use it to their advantage. They’ve both played a fair few games at this point, while Tua waited patiently for his chance, and when it came, because it wasn’t 6000 yards, 37 touchdowns, and another 2000 rushing yards, the media crushed him.

No thank you Trevor

It’s disrespectful to start mentioning names like Trevor Lawrence and Justin Fields in the same conversation as the Miami Dolphins. Incredibly talented yes, but we have our guy, thank you. We’ll use the Texans pick to bring in weapons to fit nicely around Tua. Jaylen Waddle, Ja’Marr Chase. Yes and double yes. Either will do just fine. The Texans aren’t going to have the number one pick anyway, which makes most of that case study irrelevant anyway. There’s several worse teams. So why would we take a B grade quarterback instead of a stud receiver?

Nerves of Steel

I was nervous on Sunday. Because I didn’t enjoy the slander. I have every faith in Tua, but after the narrative that followed him around after game one, if he’d made even the slightest mistake against the Cardinals, the hounds would have tried to swallow him whole.

Luckily for me, Tua’s nerves are stronger than mine. He waltzed into Arizona, against the former number one overall pick, and his 5-2 Cardinals, and grabbed himself a W. He played incredibly well, he read the field well, he threw balls only his guys could catch. He escaped pressure, he didn’t turn the ball over once and is still yet to do so. He took sacks instead of launching the ball in the air. He’s disciplined. He always has been. He barely threw a pick in college. He’s not going to be a turnover machine.

I cannot express the joy it brings me to watch him play in Miami colours, after the emotional rollercoaster to get him here. I’ve been all in for longer than I can remember, we got our guy, and now I’m a Tua lifer.

I was incredibly proud and I’d have been happy with the day even if we hadn’t won. I just wanted to see Tua prove who he was, in the NFL, and provide the media who had seemingly forgotten with a swift reminder. Just because the others have played, and played well, that doesn’t make Tua the pantomime villain. There is such a thing as multiple good quarterbacks in the same draft, at least this year there is. They’re able to coexist. And I hope we never hear that trashy journalism story again. Tua is the guy, he has everything we need, and we’ll use our picks as we see fit to build a firing offence around him. So thank you for your input mainstream media, but no thank you.

Tua and 0.

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