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Rex’s 5 Things (Week 9)

Another week, another 5 out of 6 bet already in the books for me. I fell just short on the college games yesterday, but at some point i’m gonna win one of these. Come on now. We’ve come so close, although I think last week was bad. No need to go over old news…

WEEK 9! Let’s get it.

Brady’s Revenge

The Bucs walked into New Orleans week 1 and took a hard L to the Saints. Purely based off of who Brady is, what he stands for, and the fact that he won’t allow Drew Brees to do it to him twice in one season. I have him getting sweet revenge, going superhuman mode if he needs to and getting it done on Sunday night football.

Bucs to cover the spread at -3.5. Brady to go off. Even with Michael Thomas back it won’t be enough and the Bucs will take it down.

Justin Herbert to stop losing

I feel for Herb. His name in the media this week as a losing quarterback. He can’t win. He’s playing but he isn’t winning. Seems to be the narrative floating around this week. Personally I don’t feel like it’s Herberts fault at all that the Chargers keep throwing away wins. The play calling needs to be more supportive and the defence needs to not leak points late in the game.

Joey Bosa is doubtful but not yet confirmed as out, BUT Keenan Allen will play after COVID question marks this week. Which will be huge for the Chargers. It’s a must win game at home, the Raiders are a dark horse to bet against, I’ll accept that, but i’m taking Justin Herbert and the Chargers to silence the waste of space media outlets trying to write him off.


They’re gonna win today. That’s it. That’s all that needs to be said.

Okay but seriously I’m taking the Giants to win in Washington, because it comes down to quarterback play. And the Giants have the better quarterback. In the long run, this might hinder the Giants leading up to the draft, and taking a win over a division rival who will also likely be near the top of the draft.

Daniel Jones is more capable and more comfortable in his offence than the carousel of quarterbacks in Washington, which will likely be addressed by Ron Rivera in the draft.

Win for the Giants, leave the spread alone i’m taking them STRAIGHT UP.

Seahawks to Expose Bills

The hype was too high on the Bills early in the season, and reality has quickly hit them hard as things began to unfold.

Russell Wilson and the Seahawks travel to Buffalo today and will play in the early games. I just can’t see them containing both DK Metcalf and Tyler Lockett. The issue might be the run game as Chris Carson is out. But rookie Deejay Dallas out of Miami has had some touches lately and seems to be playing pretty well.

Seahawks defence do give up a tonne of yards, so i’m also taking the over. I don’t like the spread as the game could end up close, but i’ll take Seattle straight up AND the over in this one.

The OVER in Indy

Finally, i’d hate to try and call this game. Marlon Humphrey being out is big for Baltimore as Philip Rivers steps up against their defence. Lamar hasn’t been at peak performance so far this season.

The Colts have a strong defence but the amount of weapons on the Ravens offence will be tough to contain. I can feel Lamar having a strong day in my bones.

Again, horrible game to try and call either way, but i’m simply taking points points points. The over at 48. I like it. Show me some touchdowns.

Let’s have ourselves a week! Football day.

The Bet

£5 returning just shy of £300? Oh GO ON THEN

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