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CrossFit Games 2020

Ok, I’m obsessed. And when I say obsessed, I mean I literally haven’t stopped watching YouTube videos…. and documentaries on Amazon Prime and Netflix (Recommendations at the end of the blog).

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Recently, I’ve been introduced to the world of CrossFit. Now I knew that this world existed but I’d never really paid much attention to it. I’d seen people doing some insane workouts, throwing some serious weights and doing things that most of us look at and think ‘Fuck that’.

What is Crossfit?

According to www.crossfit.com – “CrossFit is a lifestyle characterized by safe, effective exercise and sound nutrition. CrossFit can be used to accomplish any goal, from improved health to weight loss to better performance. The program works for everyone — people who are just starting out and people who have trained for years.”

The beauty of CrossFit, is that it can appeal to a wide range of people. Due to the nature of the workouts there is constant variation, it can focus on functional movements and there are high intensity workouts in there too. There is also a real focus on nutrition to allow you to complete the workouts and help reduce/maintain body fat.

But, one of the biggest lures from CrossFit is the community. From the CrossFit Games to the local CrossFit gym there is a huge sense of comradery and that in turn can spur you on to lift that extra weight, run that extra 100m or squeeze out that last burpee.

Anyway, back to the 2020 games.

CrossFit Ranch, Aromas, CA

Just as it first was in 2007, the 2020 games went back to it’s roots on a family ranch in Aromas, California. This was mainly due to COVID. However, unlike the very first games there back in ’07, only qualifying athletes were able to attend. Again due to COVID, the qualification process was very different. Events were cancelled. Therefore 30 men and 30 women were invited to an online-only first stage with the top 5 in each category eventually making it to Aromas.

The top 10 Athletes were: Mathew Fraser, Samuel Kwant, Noah Ohlsen, Justin Medeiros, Jeffrey Adler, Katrin Davidsdottir, Kari Pearce, Hayley Adam, Brooke Wells and Tia-Clair Toomey .

Over 3 days these 10 athletes competed in some of the most gruelling workouts you could possibly think of. This was streamed live on YouTube for all to see and look on in absolute awe. And the Prize? $300,000 and the title of “Fittest on the Planet”. There is an additional $3000 dollars for placing first in an event, $2000 for second and $1000 for third. So there is lots of money to be won even if you don’t end up being crowned the champion.


There were 12 Events in total spread across the 3 days.

You can see even just from reading some of the names of these workouts that they aren’t to be taken lightly. The words ‘Sprint’ and ‘Sled’ should never ever go together.

Now, there is a huge twist with some of these workouts. The athletes don’t find out what they actually are until a day, hour or even minutes before they begin the event. This leaves very little time for preparation. Some events change halfway through causing a lot of pain and frustration – the RANCH LOOP is the one this year. Just as the athletes are sprinting towards the finish line after running up and down, round and round – they are told to do the course again!!!! Oh and did I mention the weather is BAKING HOT!!!

Anyway, me explaining them will absolutely not do them justice so here is a highlight vid of the games.

The winners of the CrossFit games this year were Mat Fraser and Tia-Clair Toomey.

Want to know what’s even more impressive than winning this competition? Well, Mat has won the Crossfit Games EVERY YEAR since 2016 and Tia every year since 2017. Mat is consistently out-working most of the other Men’s group and basically wins every event. It is unreal to watch him complete in so many different disciplines and be so consistent.

If you love fitness or love watching people being stretched to the max then I’d definitely give the below a watch. You’ll be hooked!


Mat Fraser Documentary : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x4pp8praRlk

The Redeemed and the Dominant – Netflix

The Fittest – Amazon Prime

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